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Very proud of myself!!!

I am on day 3, and have not cheated once, but most of all i just went to the pub with bf and friends and they all ate dinner with dessert, and i just sat there quite happily with my water.

I didn't really want to eat it, as i wasn't hungry, but i think i miss the socialising aspect of food.

However, i keep thinking, that in 6 months i will be at goal, then if i want to go out for a meal every couple weeks i can, and i would go for the healthy option of salad instead of chips.

And i have stopped seeing food as the enemy, its not, because i have been this weight (overweight) for a while now so starting the cambridge diet will allow me to lose it, and i think maintaining my healthy weight will be quite easy.

Hope everyone had a good day!!!

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Well done - you're doing great

thats good news, u learn alot about ur relationship wid food past n present wen ur cd'ing


Trying to stay healthy!
well done for being so strong Diddums!!
Well done for being so strong that's really good! You can do it xx :)
Well Done

Well done you! Its a great achievement and you are right to be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work and you'll be where you want to be in no time!!:553:

Thanks guys, i did think hard about whether it would be a goood idea, but i came to the conclusion that i should be able to sit with people when they are eating and not feel the need to eat when not hungry. So i think it was worth it. Allows me to train myself, if thats what i mean, to be able to enjoy peoples company without the need to eat.

I was actually quite happy, sitting chatting with friends, yes the smell was lovely and made me salivate a bit but i didn't have a massive urge to eat any of the food :)
Well done Diddums. You should be so proud of yourself. This diet like you've said shouldn't stop you from socialising and like you've learnt tonight you can socialise without really needing to eat. Am so happy for you this is a big achievement xx


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oh well done its no easy task goin out and not eating wen every1 else is ... im gonna be on this diet till at least may so some tough times ahead... my hubby and me always ate out at least once a week well done again 4 resisting xx


always lurkin around!
oh diddums i know exactely wat u mean tell u wat tell ya boyfriend to have a day on cd and then sip water while every1 else is eating in the pub .... he'll grasp it then xx
my willpower was non existent before i went on CD! I'm sure its in there in the sachet somewhere! lol
Well done diddums, i havent actually gone out socially while on CD but i'm sure the oppertunity will arise soon, and as you've done it yourself, i'll have a go! x

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