very quiet lately?????


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i have not been on for a few days and on returning i am noticing how quiet it is on here. some familiar names not around or posted, and i do love to read the posts and catch up.
Where has everybody gone, am i missing something here?
my support network is collapsing around me.
cmon guys we all need each other...............please
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Sorry I haven't been on that much for the past couple of weeks due to some family problems.

Anyway not gone anywhere much and will be posting more in the next couple of weeks.



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Hi everyone,:)

Maybe everyone is getting a bit busier and finding it hard to log on due to xmas in the horizon. I know I have certainly found it hard to log on recently due to events and work and general xmas shopping.

Or maybe people are generally down this time of year due to the early evening's and the cold weather. I certainally feel different when the weather is depressing. I know I do feel different this time of the year then I do in the summer. (but thats another type of forum). :(

Maybe everyone will start to come back around the xmas period. Lets hope!

I will try and make the effort more because when I am on here I do enjoy it and I miss it when i haven't been on for a while.

Nick :)


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Im certainly not going anywhere!!!!!

I'm always around if you need anything x


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Still here....whatever happens I'm still here!!! :D How are things by the way Lynjo??


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Sorry I am doing a Business Course just now and as Nick as said, between the weather and the Christmas shopping to organise:)

It is a time of year with the cold weather so many have slipped on their diet and this does make it harder for some to post until they are back in control of things again...

I Know of several including myself that is finding it tougher with the cold weather and I know we can all blame so many things and find excuses as to why we are not doing our diet as we would want:rolleyes:

Old thinking and old habits do take a long time to break as we all know.

Love Christmas time have to say and all the decorations have just started to go up in the shops and streets....lovely.

Love Mini xxx


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I used to post all the time but don't work on the internet now (used to spend all day on minimims before in the office. And no, I changed jobs, I didn't get sacked!!). I only come on here from time to time now but should post more I reckon as everybody is needing lots of support at the mo. Also feel like I'm not on a diet anymore really as lucky enough to have moved up to 1000 (but can't lose those last poxy 8lbs).


Gone fishing
(in a sing song voice)

I know where they aaarrreee
I know where they aaarreee.
nya nya na nya nya

Most people are still around, but they're all in the arcade ;)


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There have been some disagreements on here lately, and some people have decided not to post on minimins again.

Disagreements that were totally out if order!! Which resulted in me getting PM's and emails slagging me off! Had an email from one very cheeky mare today asking if we were still talking!!! LOL very loud!
I'm not posting as much now for fear of saying the wrong thing now or what I say being taken in the wrong way or someone thinking I'm talking about them like I've been talked about. I've always been very straight talking no bull here! But OMG I have paid for it.
Kamilla x