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Very thirsty

I had 450gs of casserole meat for lunch (just the meat, NOTHING else, not even salt) and in the afternoon I felt soooo thirsty! It almost felt like the more water I had the thirstier I got. Does anyone know why?

Oh, two hours after lunch I had some meatloaf (meat, fromage frais, eggs, mint) no salt (I forgot)
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excess consumed protein causes the body to produce urea which is excreted thru the kidneys

Dehydration can result because the body uses more of the body's fluids to dilute and excrete the increased urea.

hope that makes sense?
I knew there was something wrong!
ketosis is good! all that ketosis means is that your body is metabolising your fat stores. Even Dr Hilary has said ketogenic diets offer the fastest, most sustainable solution to weight loss

Ketosis is not to be confused with ketoacidosis, which is what eventually happens to diabetics if their insulin beomes too low and their blood sugar goes completely out of whack. This is very dangerous, but it is something that only happens to diabetics (mainly type I), and there is absolutely no risk whatsoever of this happening with a ketogenic diet.
So this theist was due to ketosis? Should we be feeling that all the time?
not sure as u would only ever go into the mildest of ketosis on Dukan.

I'm no expert but it may have been because your body received more protein than it needed so just excreted the excess. You can't eat too much protein.
It sounds like you aren't eating quite enough veg on pp days - remember that the 28 vegetables on the list are unlimited.

The veg keeps the ketosis light, so mitigates the thirst and bad breath that can be a side effect.

But as our curvygirlie says, ketosis is not dangerous in and of itself, and some human beings (like traditional Inuit, Sami, or Masai) live for large parts of the year on a purely ketotic diet.

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