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Very TMI - bowel movements


Slimming for my children
I hear you girlfriend. I had a few stools that were black!!!! and then another that was like slimey black mud!
I think its ok as its all the nutrients!
Mine are really dark but I'm just totally constipated :eek: I have to keep taking linseeds as nothing else works for me-but it's never been as bad as it has since I started the diet.
yep me to ha ha wot a convo x
Mine have been too small to notice. Coming towards the end of week 3 and am constipated. Took 2 senakot a 4.30pm but nothing happening.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Yup - me too. I also suffer from IBS and my bloating has completely gone since I've been on this diet, but I don't go to the loo that often either. I keep thinking I want to go then when I get in there - nothing! Sometimes it's another day before anything appears. I'm not exactly constipated (there's not enough there for that) but sometimes I have to, erm, strain a bit, lol. :eek:
:sick0019: (Sorry, but these things DO need to be discussed, lol!)

PS. Re IBS, the only hangover I have from that is some wind (no, not belching - the other end!) - it's not terrible but I would have thought that this diet would have got rid of it!
lol Jacey, I know what you mean with the wind. Although I find I burp a bit after having a shake.


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Yep my bowel movements are all over the place - constipation, runny ones.....you name it i've had it! ROFL!!
Thank god I came across this thread.... was panicking there!! Think might have to lay off the chocolate shakes tho! LOL...
Are we ok to take senokot then?? Fab..
Mini x
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The Minis Bad Boy
Mine are the opposite to you lot.

They are very very light brown and almost like water with no consistency at all.


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