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    Hi, i am a Cd'er. Have battled with my weight for a long time, although i haven't been what people think of as massively over weight i have never been happy!But i have been on CD and am now about 10 pounds off goal, i cannot get down to my target weight. Mainly because i am happy with myweight at the moment. So i am going slow and eaing bit by bit too lose a bit more.
    The main thing is that i am not happy with my boyf, he lives with me, makes me laugh and is a kind and lovely man, although he does nothing in the house at all! Even got a cleaner as i can't cope with my full time job and cleaning etc! Am i being unreasonable? I don't want to spend my life picking up after him! If i am unhappy now what will i be like i a few yrs?
    Sorry for the rant but i have no one else to talk too!
    On a lighter note - i love how CD has made me feel as a person xxxxx
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    Firstly well done on your weight loss, i don't think your being unreasonable at all. Your working full time so in my opinion he should help out just as much in the home, it's 2008 not the 1950's (the era my ex lived in)!
    You have to sit down and talk to him about it, if you don't he'll just see it as you nagging when you do comment on picking up after him.
    I split with my ex for different reasons but he had so many heated arguments about what was expected in the home..he liked his dinner on the table, clothes washed and ironed and everything picked up after him until i finally told him bluntly, either i give up my full time job and he supports me and my shoe/handbag shopping habbit, or he moves back in with his mum! That soon made him do his bit. Although it sounds minor it used to really get to me, i'm 28, working full time and have a social life and i used to get really fed up feeling like i had a child to look after!
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    Your not being unreasonable hun at all!!! Sit down talk to him make him see how much this is hurting u my boyf never listens if i say something in passing he has to see how much it hurts me and then he changes! A boyfriend is just that not a child ! Im sure if you stopped cleaning he'd start ha ha honest hun just sit and chat with him

    Well done on ure losses !!! I myself love how CD has made me feel as a person and given me confidence i never thought id have!!!

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    Hiya Hun,

    Congrats on the weight loss.I think airgirl is right you need to chat to him tell him how unhappy you are its the only way. My bf was brought up his ma done everything for him i swear to god but when we moved into gether i soon sorted him out. Told him I wasnt going to do everything. even now i am at home most days i have a life i have friends familly and been a sahm is a full time job. He does his fair share and looking at other friend's fella's im delighted that he does what he does. If you let it continue it will only get worse hun

    becky xx
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    Well done on your loss and sounds like you've done really well.

    I agree that you need to sit down with him, it's really unfair for him to expect you to do everything.

    Both my husband and I work full time, have 2 kids, and he's brill with the housework (i'm not but I know I should be). At the end of the day a relationship is a partnership and a partnership is doing things together including menial tasks.

    Loopy x
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