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Very VERY sore throat - nausea -- please help :((


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Hi all,

I've emailed my CDC a few times but she hasn't responded yet; I think she's busy.. so I just wanted to put it here see what you think.

For the past 5 days I've had a very sore throat. Not a little; no.. really really sore. I've had very bad throat infections / tonsil infections in the past and I'm so afraid it's starting out again now.

I haven't taken anything for it yet.. I've also been feeling very nauseous (sp?) and I have been gagging on small sips of water / when I'm trying to swallow.

I really feel terrible but I don't want to ruin my diet.

Please help me, I need to take something for my throat but I don't know what would be less damaging; honey in my tea or throat-pastilles (however u say it in english).

I can't keep going on like this it hurts too much. I feel so tired and sick all day but I know asprin doesn't work for my throat / nausea so I need something that will.

Please help me out.. :(
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Hi Lostris, I'm no doctor but you sound ill, I would get to your GP if I were you... soluble paracetemol will localise the pain in your throat and try gargling with salt water.

Hope you feel better soon,

Sarah x


Serena's title didn't fit
S: 111kg C: 100.3kg G: 75kg BMI: 33.9 Loss: 10.7kg(9.64%)

Thanks for the response. I have no desire for going to the doctors until it turns into a real infection; I know what it looks like and I check in the mirror.. (I know, silly.. but they teach me stuff about throats in school and blah and I;ve seen it a few times before as I've had some throat infections so I'll know.)

If I go to the doctor he will probably tell me I have to get my tonsils removed (had too many infections in throat) or whatever and I can't have that now.

Thanks for the other response but gurgling is probably a no no if I gag on other fluids near the back of my mouth.

I'm looking for a solution which is okay to use in the CD diet to make my throat hurt less.

If it gets really bad I will go to my GP, but I want to prevent it becoming really bad by drinking e.g. tea with honey or whatever else but I need to know what ''home methode'' is the least damaging for this diet.



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