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vibro plate/power plate??


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i've got one of these.they are great.really easy.not sure of results yet as only had it a week but fingers crossed they help x


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'Id be interested in the response to that question too.

Have been looking and nearly handed the money over yesterday for one but, they didnt have a boxed one only the display model, didnt want it, just thought about ll the people who would have been standing on it (yuk) :jelous:
yes , ive been concidering investing in one of these, as its supposed to have many benefits- so im quite lookin forward to any responses to what results people have actually had from using one
laura xx


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i use this at the gym and it is really good. i always ache after! it helps tone up but can also help with weight loss. Obviously not by doing just this. I had an induction on it and the instructor said to do cardio workout before hand. Even if its just a 10 min jog! There are different positions which you can do to work different parts of the body. It has different vibration and speed lengths. If you go on the uk power plate website you can download some different positions. :]
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Even if its just a 10 min jog! QUOTE]

:eek: you would break your neck jogging on a power plate!!! The base is only about the size of a small circular home trampoline and the settings only last for a max of 60 seconds so you would have to keep resetting it every minute. There is also no rotating belt like a treadmill so it would be joggin on the spot and the vibrations would push you off balance.

If i can give you one word of advice, please DO NOT attempt to jog on a powerplate. I'm doing my REPS3 personal training qualification and its certainly something i wouldnt advise a client. The vibrations making the muscles contract could seriously damage you as your feet and knees would act as a shock absorber when you jog, thus potentially sending shock waves into your spine and affecting your back and neck.

Powerplates are great for strength, massage and stretch. I use the one in the gym for a warm up and cool down but i can safely say they have no impact on skin tone. The plate works by making your muscles contract, it has no effect on skin.

Sorry if i sound preachy but i really wouldnt want anyone to attempt jogging on a powerplate because they will really do themselves some damage :cool:


wants a body to love!
S: 13st7lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
lol! i didnt mean jog on the powerplate! i meant that wud be ok for the cardio work out before going on the powerplate! :]


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It will tone the muscles but sorry skin will either shrink (if you're young and haven't stretched it too far,) or not if you're an old bag like me!


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Well that's my hopes out the window! Lol. I may be young-ish... but my porker of a son gave me a huge pregnancy belly lmao! There's no saving me now... ugh... xxx


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I wouldn't worry Julz, looking at your statistics (and your face!) you will be ok! I'm talking about much bigger folk than you!

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