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Viking Supergirl's Last Two Stone Diary! Edit: 7lb down!

Hi there! I wish I'd met y'all sooner :flirt2: This is a fun and welcoming place and I really, really look forward to spending more time here.

I've lost 2st so far by calorie counting since last December (hooray!) but I'm finding it slow going shifting those last 28lbs... I really need to hold myself accountable to someone else anda keep a record of my progress.

Little bit of background, I was a fat child (weren't most of us...) and a fat, depressed teen. I then lost about 4 or 5 stone aged 19 by crash dieting. I looked pretty amazing, but was so unhealthy and (surprise) still unhappy! Of course, I hadn't learned to eat normally so when I went away to university that autumn I promptly started binge eating and gaining back the weight... slowly but steadily it crept back up over the next ten years!

I wasn't helped when I got married to a man who loves his cake, biscuits and red meat - he cooks for both of us a lot, and I sadly lost the habit of cooking really healthy nosh that I love.

Last December I looked in the mirror and SCREAMED inside! I didn't look like 'me' any more and I felt utterly rubbish, like the old fat and miserable teenager was back and the confident adult me was losing the battle. I'd been trying to 'eat healthily' and constantly doing a half-arsed diet for donkey's years. So I decided that this time had to be different or I'd fail again. (Madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results... whoever said that must have known a serial dieter!)

I've been using MyFitnessPal on iPhone and it's amazing. But I'm finding it so hard to shift these last two stone. I look tubby but acceptable now, yet I still have a way to go before I'm solidly in the 'normal' BMI range. :sigh: I'm planning and cooking for myself more. I haven't binge eaten in about two years (I am super-proud of this, I used to put away, eg, 500g cheese and a loaf of bread, not any more!)

But when I have a 'bad' calorie day, I get super-discouraged and give up for a while. This diary is going to help me over the 'bad' -> give up hump!

Love the Viking xxx
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So, today I ate:
Porridge made with water, fat-free yogurt and grapes for breakfast
Lots of herbal tea
At work:
1/2 pack roast chicken chunks (tasted soggy, never ever ever buying Tesco ones again!)
2 slices bread w/low fat cheese spread
Low-fat popcorn
Carrot and coriander soup

Low-fat cheese omlette (yum) with tomatoes. Basically the eggs are a cheese delivery system!
Yummy treat - 50g all bran (I know... but I love the stuff!)

Total: 1407 eaten, 220 cals burned in exercise, 1187 net


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Hi Viking82 I'm using my fitness pal to n my iPhone and I've got the same amount to lose as you! I'm hoping reading ur diary will inspire me too! Fingers crossed for both of us! Xxx
Hi Viking,

welcome to calorie counting.

Well done for loosing 2st already. With everyones support and advice on here you will shift the rest in no time. :D

We won't let you get discouraged and give up, so keep posting.

Lots of love xx
Well done on your weight loss so far! That is fab! And good luck for the last little bit :)
Lol tubby but acceptable :) the catch phrase of my life!!! good luck! I'm sure you'll do brilliantly.
I'm trying to shift 20lbs initially (9 more to go!) to get back to last years lightest weight, then it's somewhere between 10/30 to goal!! I'm not really sure yet where I want to call it good :)

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Thanks for all the nice messages above :D I'm trying to make this diet stick like glue by really working at it, and I think more support is a big change! So Thanks!

'orrible weather today, bucketing this morning, :raincloud: drizzle on and off all afternoon. I did manage a quick walk, even in the rain, about at lunch time to admire St Pauls (scaffolding's all come off!) and get a bit more exercise.

So today I had the same brekkie as yesterday, tomato soup with lentils for lunch, lots of chicken to nibble, and a big lentil salad in the evening with more chicken (the recipe's from Cook Yourself Thin, I love it! The book, not the TV show - the voiceover girl's really loopy and sounds like she's been huffing helium and pixie dust.)

All in all: 1431 eaten, 277 exercised, 1154 net. :party0011:

I'm not quite at the two-week point of my renewed 'last two stone' BIG PUSH. I tend to get bored after two weeks! I'll have to keep coming in here, cooking and hunting decent low-cal recipes and stay interested and on course :p

Now, I'm at home alone this eve (husband off working) so I'm turning my back on the kitchen and watching Kill Bill. Swordfights are better than biscuits. Swordfights are better than biscuits...
......swordfights are better than biscuits. Swordfights are better than biscuits.
Yep, Im sold!!! :)
Hm - good day but had drink out after work and I'm not sure the guy buying me a drink remembered it was a SLIMLINE gin and tonic! Oh well - will pretend it was :D
Also, will learn from this and always go to bar to check and/or buy my own drinks!

Foodwise: same as yesterday. I quite like eating the same things sometimes - too much choice sometimes makes me indecisive and then I give up and eat something random (and usually weird/too sweet/too small/etc).

Eaten: 1488 Exercise 226 Net 1262

One of the things I sort of miss is baking. I love cooking, and for years I made cakes, cakes and more cakes, and a few biscuits, brownies, cheesecakes and more. And there was always much 'testing' of the mixture and the icing and eating of the final cake. Because I was the kind of eater who could never have 'just one' of anything!

I'm focusing on doing fun cooking of savoury foods now, but I'm not so good at that yet. I miss baking!
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Wow 2 stone down... that's impressive well done! Yeah just notch that one up.... I'm pretty adamant when I order a gin and slimline, I almost shout it to the buyer at least twice and then yeah hope for the best.

Good luck with your continued weight loss.
Thanks Samalama! Good luck with your losses.

Today was great, I got up early to get a brisk walk in before the rain set in (which it did in torrents!)

Eaten: 1327; exercise 417, net 915 - rather low but I'm not feeling hungry, so I might have some toast or grapes later if I get peckish.
Congrats on your excellent loss so far. Good luck on shifting the last lot, look forward to reading how you get on. x
Thanks Lindsey, your weight loss is amazing already! I was reading your diary for inspiration and I hope you make it - my goal date is December 2011 too :D

So, I made mushroom risotto soup last night from Eat Yourself Thin, and left it in the pot to cool before I popped it in the fridge to eat over the next few days. Turns out that cast iron pots keep things REALLY hot and the rice just kept cooking and expanding, so when I checked it I had a sort of sloppy not-quite risotto instead of soup! But I had some tonight (added back more stock to make it soup) and it tasted quite good.

I thought I really hated mushrooms - when I was really little I remember my mum pretty much forcing me to eat this really icky grey mushroom soup with black bits and I've hated them ever since. But really, I do like them - just not raw! Hooray!

I've noticed before that it's much easier for me to eat well at weekends because I'm not eating from boredom. I'm always bored at work and most days I live for the moments when I can nibble a snack or eat my lunch, just to have a mental break. *sigh* Boredom eating is one of the reasons this fat found my body in the first place... Maybe a more interesting line of work should be my next priority!

So, I ate 1359 calories, went for a walk and exercised worth 257 calories, making a net of 1102.

EDIT: Weigh In tomorrow! It'll be two weeks since I restarted my calorie counting so I'm keen to see how it's gone.
Good luck for weigh in... I am also a member of the mushrooms rock club... used to think I hated them until I tried them in a stir fry at school... chinese sauce makes everything more appealing!!! x
that mushroom risotto sounds lovely, how many calories was it? Good luck for your WI tomorrow.
About 265 a serving, quite good but suffered badly from the extra cooking I accidentally gave it! :rolleyes:

I HATE RAIN! It has been raining/showering all the bloody time! It's going to keep raining all week! GRRRRR :banghead: :badmood: I want to go out for nice brisk walks at lunchtime and get out of the office and I can't do it without getting soggy.

But in the spirit of trying foods I think I hate, and needing a bit of a nice nibble after being drenched, I got a posh smoked salmon sushi roll for lunch. I think I dislike smoked food and I'm a bit down on salmon. While I wouldn't eat it again, it wasn't yucky - I might try salmon in other things too now...

I shouldn't be so down, though - I lost 1.75lb this week! :eek: Hooray!

I ate 1505, exercised 232 (walking in the rain, oh what fun) making 1273 net!

I'm looking forward to wearing my special wispy pink dress when I'm the right size again! It's a dress that's so delicate and almost tissue papery. I've worn it on about three or four special occasions but it doesn't look so good right now... bit of a bummer as I bought matching shoes and handbag. I can't wait! I'm going to find a special occasion (or make one up!) and wear it when I'm back at my target weight. Maybe I'll just wear it shopping or hiking just because I can!
You'll be in that wispy pink dress in no time!! 1.75lbs, well done.

I absolutley love smoked salmon, and love sushi :)
Lol been catching up on your diary :) good luck for WI :) if you miss baking there's a few really interesting recipes for baking with tofu about? Not sure how the cals work out but might be fun Finding out lol!!! Just google it.
Also you can make quite a good low fat meringue with canderel? I did a key lime pie style Thingy with it? Was yum!!

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Nice loss, well done!!! x

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