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Violets CD Diary x

Hello :)
I've decided to start writing a diary to note feelings and weightloss while doing this Cambridge diet, so here goes!

First off, I'm 29 (30 in October), I am married and have one gorgeous 2 year old boy. During my pregnancy I put on 5st oooooooooooops! I've since lost 2 stone but am still not quite where I want to be, hence being here and trying a bit harder.

I live in Egypt, and am visiting my family in UK with my son for 6 weeks and have decided to give Cambridge a go and see what damage I can do. I haven't told the hubby (who is still in Egypt) so I'm hoping to go back mid September a bit thinner to surprise him!

So, I'm on day 5 of CD doing SS+ and honestly I feel so much better than I thought I would. I started with the attitude 'well it'll be hell for 6 weeks but it'll be worth it.' How wrong was I! I really haven't felt too hungry, a few mild headaches and lots of weeing (due to an amazing amount of water) but in all I feel really well, and already on day 5 I can feel my trousers looser!

Seriously can't wait till weigh in day, wish me luck!!!!! :)
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Hi Violet, Welcome to the forum.
Well done you for taking the opportunity to get to grips with that last hurdle. Sounds like you are doing great and hubby will be in for a big surprise indeed!

All the very best to you in your endeavour... :)
Good luck dahl....let us know how the first weigh in goes....6 weeks is nothing in comparison to the rest of your life!!! xxxx
Ahh thanks ladies :)
I'm now on Day 6 but can't weigh in till Day 8 boooo, I'm dying to see what I've lost! I'll be happy with anything though honestly! I'll be back with the 1st weekly report asap, watch this space and best of luck xxxxxxx
Yay to me, thats week one done and dusted :)
Gutted I have to wait till tomoz to weigh in! Anywho, I thought tonight might be a good time to right a quick 1st week review...

Day 1 - Strawberry shake, oriental chilli soup, chicken salad
Enjoyed strawb shake but was a bit warm, did NOT enjoy soup! Was really looking forward to salad in eve and loved every last scrap. Went to bed with a light headache and a pint of water thinking 'phew day one is over, not looking forward to day 2'.

Day 2 - Banana shake, veg soup, chicken salad
Stuck 8oz water to make shake in freezer for 15 mins and was soooo much nicer really cold. Added ground chilli and tonnes of black pepper to soup and it was really nice. Had another headache but not too bad. Loved chicken salad again :)

Day 3 - Choc shake, mushroom soup, turkey salad
Enjoyed all food today, felt so much less hungry! Went out for a picnic, my son didnt finish his crisps or his Peanut butter sandwich and I managed to put them in the bin and stick with my shake :) Yay me!

Day 4 - Mint choc shake, chicken and mushroom soup, shrimp stir fry
Best day so far, just got easier and easier as the days went by! Completley used to the idea of replacing brekky and lunch with CD and loving my 200cal meal in eve. Can't believe how well i feel!

Okay i'm bored of the day by day thing now, but to summarise this diet is awesome! First couple of days were hardest but not majorly hard, then just got easier and easier. Now on day 7 I havent felt hungry between 'meals', no headaches, no cravings. Also my clothes already feel looser and I feel great! I'm also now officially used to having no sugar in my tea although I still put the teeniest splash of milk in it, hope that doesn't affect me too badly at weigh in tomo.
Ha ha havent I waffled on! Sorry i'm off now to enjoy my fizzy water xxx
No probs about the waffling on bit..that's what diaries are for. Love to have a look into your world and see how things are going so waffle on as much as you like! .... :D

You'll have to visit my diary and see me waffling something awful..

Looks like you are doing very well on the diet and hope you have a good WI result.
I thought SS+ you had 2 CD meals and a 200cal meal. But looking at it I think it's 3CD meals and a 200cal meal! Have I got this all wrong for the last week???
I have been having the three CD meals and one light meal at night and I was in a panic thinking I'd got it wrong. But on the SSplus it is three CD meals plus the light meal. And on the SS just the three CD meals. Sigh of relief. I could have just tried the three CD only but couldn't do it.
Right! So I've been having too little for SS+ which means my 'nutritional needs' havent been met! It was my CD consultant who advised me 2 CD meals, thought she was a bit daft at the time! Oh well, think i'll change consultants after next weigh in. Quite excited that I could now have a bar as well lol! Lol sorry for worrying you MaryMZ and thanks for putting me straight! x
I got a little book from my consultant. It was £1.50 and worth it as all the stages are set out. There's also a bit of information on the Cambridge website. I get my wires crossed quite a bit. It was a bit much your CDC not making sure you were on the right thing. Or maybe that is a variation. Not sure. I'm quite new to it as well.
shamonnnnne heeheeeee DON'T STOP TILL YA GET ENOUGH AOWWWWW!!!!!!!

Can you tell that I'm happy with my 10lbs 1st week weight loss?
Day 9 today and my sister and mum are both joining me on the diet doing SS+ too! Makes it easier having their support! My sis started last week actually and mum yesterday :)
All going well in general for all of us, not much to report!
Toodles x


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Hit a I am started this diet on Friday. But confused though as my consultant putting me on 3 cd a day but didn't mention no light meal?
I guess you must be on sole source which I'd just 3CD meals and nothing else, the plan I'm on is sole source plus. Your CDC could have explained the different options really! Anyway best of luck x
I have just been reading your diary and your doing really well, go you lol. I bet it's nice to have your sister and mum doing it with you so you can support each other. Pity about the alcohol tho eh.....lmao xxx


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shrinkin'violet said:
I guess you must be on sole source which I'd just 3CD meals and nothing else, the plan I'm on is sole source plus. Your CDC could have explained the different options really! Anyway best of luck x
Hiya I started cd today and my consultant got me on 4 shakes per day for 2 weeks? Not sure if this due to my size but on a bright note I am finding it ok. Xxxx
Hiya Lfc, yeh I think if you're over 5ft8 you have 4 shakes. Glad you're finding it ok, I really am too. I'm currently on day 12 and have had no glitches or hiccups. Are you doing SS+ with the low cal meal in eve? Best of luck with it all, you should make a diary then we can keep up with your progress :)

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