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Vi's Food Diary

Edit: After reading Loumoo's diary I realised that after over a month of posting on here, and getting such kind helpful comments, I haven't even introduced myself.
I am an 'oldie', in my second year of retirement and trying now to do what I always told myself I was too busy to do (plan my meals properly and take more excercise). No big problems and enjoying the stressfree hours that now fill my day. I enjoy cooking for myself, my partner and my family (2 sons, & one daughter & son in law and 2 grandaughters) who regluarly visit. My daughter is also doing SW so is supportive to my efforts and also helps me to eat all these lovely meals I'm trying out. I think retirement brought home to me that I need to begin a healthy lifestyle NOW. So far I have managed to do a fair bit of travelling. Went to Nepal with my daughter at the beginning of this year and realised then that my weight held me back from doing more (feeling that my kneecaps were exploding as I clambered up and down a Holy hillside looking in caves). It was still brilliant and perhaps I'll return when I'm 11 stone with a lotus tattoo!
Thanks for reading & sorry it's late.

I have decided to start my diary from today. This is wk 3 on SW.
Week 1 -4
Week 2 -3
Week 3 -1 (today)
Beginning to get worried that next week will be minus 0.
After looking at your diaries I can see that I need to look at my portions and also the proportion of superfree to free food I am eating. (eg not eating heaped bowls of pasta and then using the left overs for snacking)
After spending most of my adult life as overweight and then obese, I have decided that this is the year I sort myself out.
I have to admit that after three weeks I am feeling bl**dy great. Taking bread out of my diet and eating more fresh veg & fruit has done my moods and energy levels wonders.
So now it is sleeves up and get down to it seriously. I know what I plan to eat today, but will post my actual consumption later.
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Wednesday 4th Aug

Day 1
Breakfast - 28g oats and 250 ml milk - h ex a&b

Lunch - 2 Rivita 3 syns, Quark, Banana, Octivia fat free peach yoghurt .5 syn

Dinner - Chicken breast, cajun seasoning, one cal spray olive oil, stirfry veg, rice, light soy sauce. Sugar free jelly made with Muller light .5 syn


Options hot chocolate 2syn
Total Syn = 6
Excercise - 20 minutes walking (a bit hilly)
Feeling positive, for the next week I will try to walk a bit more.
August 5th

Day 2 Thursday August 5th.
Breakfast: Porridge & Banana

Lunch: 2 Boiled eggs, salad. salad dressing - 1syn

Dinner; Mince Beef, onion, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, curry powder, curry paste - 3syn, rice, fat free fromage frais.
Sugar free jelly with Muller light - 1/2 syn.

Snacks; handful of fresh picked peas, 2 Nutella/Rivita 'chocs' -2 syn

Options hot chocolate - 2 syn
Total syn = 8.5

No excercise as such today - but tomorrow will do loads of walking at the zoo with my granddaughters to make up for it
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Aug 6th

Day 3 -Saturday Aug 6th

Breakfast - Porridge & banana

Lunch - 2 home made salmon fish cakes, tomato

Dinner - Omelette with bacon, fresh peas, tomatoes, low fat cheese - 4syn
Sugar free jelly with Muller light x2 - 1syn

Snacks - 3 x nutella/rivita 'chocs' - 3syn
A couple of little 'pinches' of granddaughters candyfloss - 3 syn ?
2 Rivita with tuna - 3syn

Total syn = 14
Excercise today was 3.5 hours wandering around Chester Zoo (saw the new baby elephant- sweet!)

Edit; just found out that a whole stick of candyfloss is only 3 syns. - so had an Option choc drink. Still maybe overestimating ;-)
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Aug 7th

Day 4 Saturday Aug 7th
Had a good day today, organising my menu's for next week. Feel that this diary is keeping me on track and hopeful that tomorrow's weigh in will show a bit of a loss towards my 'August Challenge'

Breakfast; 2 Rivitas (HEX) with quark and banana. 250ml Semi Skimmed for my drinks during the day(HEX)

Lunch: Salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, eggs, new potato salad - Light mayo = 2syn
Necarine & Vanilla Muller Light

Dinner: Moroccan Bean & Veg stew, couscous
Muller Light cherry.

Nectarine, Rivita - 1.5 syn
Sugar free jelly with Muller Light -.5 syn
Options hot chocolate - 2 syn

Total Syn = 6

Edit: traded my Options and jelly for a curly wurly to eat while watching 'Prison Break'
Total syns now 9.5
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Aug 8th

Day 5 Sunday 8th August
Feeling good today. Just had my first weigh in for the August Challenge and I've lost 4lbs since last Sunday! Amazing!

Breakfast: 2 Rivita (HEX) with Quark and banana. 250ml Semi skimmed for drinks in the day.

Dinner: Family around for a dinner of SW Mousaka, beetroot and mixed veg.
Meringue nest - 4Syn, strawberries, 2 tblsp low fat Creme Frais - 3Syn.Sugar free jelly -.5Syn

Tea time: 2 Rivitas(rest of HEX) with Quark and pear.
Muller light.

Options - 2yn
Total Syn = 9.5
9th Aug

Day 6 - Monday 9th August

Breakfast; 2 Rivita (HEX) Quark, Banana.
250ml semmi skimmed for drinks in the day (HEX)

Lunch; SW Mousaka (left over from yesterday)

Dinner; Salmon steak, brocolli, boiled baby potatoes, White wine with diet lemonade 6Syn

Snacks; Muller light, nutella/rivita 'choc' 1Syn, Options hot choc 2 Syn
Total Syn = 9
10th Aug

Day 7 Tuesday 10th August

Completed my first week of Food Diary. This has definitely affected the amount I have eaten.
Today spent the afternoon looking at Antony Gormley's statues at Crosby, so managed to get a bit of a walk in.

Breakfast: Porridge and Banana. 250ml semi skimmed for my drinks in the day.

Lunch; 3 Rivita (4.5 Syn) tuna, nectarine, Muller Light strawberry

Dinner; Chicken with Cajun seasoning, stir fry veg, spray light, Schezwan sauce (1.5 Syn)rice.Meringue (4Syn) Strawberries, Total 0% greek yoghurt.
White wine (3 Syn)

Snacks; Ginger thin (1.5 Syn) Dried apple (2 Syn)

Total Syn = 16.5 (the biscuit and the dried apple could have easily been avoided )
Thanks Donna. I have to say that your food diary was one of the inspirational ones that prompted me to start one.
Well, after one week I have lost 4lb!! Really brilliant result.
Over the years I have done every diet going and the pattern is usually - do it for a month, lose a fair bit to begin with, begin to crave 'normal' eating, then pack it in. I feel quiet evangelical about Slimming World and feel confident that from now on THIS is my 'normal' eating. You and other members on here are evidence that we can go on expecting 3 & 4 lb losses even after months - and all while eating delicious food!
So, my record is now;
wk1 -4
wk2 -3
wk3 -1
wk4 -4 = total 12lb in first month
11th August

Day 8 - Wednesday 11th August
Feeling positive after this mornings weigh in and optimistic that I can have another good week before I go to France. Still doing Extra Easy as it is all that I know (and it's easy)

Breakfast; porridge (hex b) and banana. 250 ml of Semi skimmed for drinks in the day (hex a)

Lunch; Baked potato and beans with green salad a couple of forks of creamy coleslaw (?5 Syn) small piece of delicious Welsh cheddar, partly grilled (grandaughter's left overs, it looked about 28gm - ??6 Syn) All this was at a cafe. Good local food. The potato didn't seem 'buttery' under the beans so I'm assuming that it was just potato.

Dinner; Curry and rice made with lean mince, onion, curry powder, tbls curry paste (3 Syn), tinned tomatoes.
Muller light.

Snacks; banana, nectarine, apricot, Muller light.

Total Syn = 14
Nice Day with a bit of a gentle climb around Moel Famau with family.
August 12th

Day 9 Thursday 12th Aug

Breakfast; banana, nectarine, plum, Muller Light.
250ml Semi skimmed for drinks in the day.(Hex A)

Lunch; 2 eggs, green salad, tomatoes, light mayo (2 Syn) delicious poppy seed roll (not sure about this but 'traded' this for my usual oats HexB and added 5 Syn)

Dinner; Moroccan veg stew made with onion, squash, courgettes, tomatoes, celery, potatoes and spices. Couscous.
2 slices of SW fruit roulade (.5 Syn)(I'll probably finish it tomorrow and count it as free)

Options hot choc (2 Syn)

Snacks; Muller Light, nectarine.

Total Syn = 9.5
August 13th

Day 10 Friday 13th August

Breakfast; Porridge (Hexb) 250 ml milk for drinks in the day (HexA)

Lunch; Moroccan Veg Stew left over from yesterday. Fruit Roulade also left over from yesterday.

Dinner; Lean Bacon, mushrooms, egg and blackpudding (6 Syns)all fried in spray light, and beans.
Muller light.

Options hot choc (2Syns)

Snacks; Nectarine, 2 plums, banana

Total syn = 8

A funny line tonight on 'The Weakest Link' "I can't lose weight, I have a problem with my legs. They keep taking me to the kebab shop!"
I thought it funny anyway.
Aug 14th

Day 11 -Saturday August 14th

Breakfast; Porridge,(he B) banana.250 ml semi skimmed for drinks in the day (he A)

Lunch; 2 rivita (3Syn) Quark, banana

Dinner; Aubergine, green lentil curry with crispy potato topping Curried aubergine & potato pie recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food (thanks to Cerces for this link - I just used spray light instead of oil, added a bit of celery and green beans to the veg curry and a bit of veg stock to help cook the veg before putting it in the oven. Delicious)
Muller Light,
Curly Wurly for Prison Break (6Syn)
Options hot choc (2Syn)

Snack; Nectarine, banana, Nutella/rivita 'choc' (1syn) 2 M&S sugar free sweets (1Syn)

Total Syn = 13
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Aug 15th

Day 12 - Sunday Aug 15th

Breakfast; 2 Rivita(Hex B), Quark, banana. 250ml semi skimmed for drinks in the day (Hex A)

Lunch; Aubergine & lentil curry with potatoes (left over from yesterday) nectarine.

Dinner; Chicken Bhuna, rice and Salad (SW mag recipe)
Strawberries, meringue (4Syn) Light Fromage fraise (1.5Syn)

Snacks; necatarine, strawberries, Muller light,

Total Syn = 5.5
August 16th

Day 13; Monday 16th August

Breakfast; 2 Rivita (hex B) Quark, banana. 250ml Semi skimmed for drinks in the day.

Lunch; Chicken bhuna and rice(left over from yesterday)

Dinner; Salmon, a few small poatoes, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, dressing (2Syn)
Activia fat free rasberry yoghurt (.5Syn)

Options hot chocolate (2Syn)

snacks; Banana, nectarine.rivita & scraping of butter (2Syn)
edit; sugar free sweets (1syn & Muller light cherry layer (2Syn)

Total Syn = 9.5

40 mins hilly walking today- feeling energetic.

Still feeling in control of my eating which is amazing after almost 5 weeks. I would have previously lapsed into 'that's about enough' at this stage. I think that the answer here is that I am not 'dieting' which is a temporary sort of activity. I am eating well and healthily. Great!
edit; I still need to stop the evening nibbles!
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Aug 17th

Day 14; Tuesday August 17th

2nd full week of Food Diary - still think this is the way to control my eating, although I did have a couple of edits for added nibbles. Must watch that. Don't think I will have lost as much this week, but confident that something will be achieved. (hope so anyway)

Breakfast; porridge (Hex B)& banana. 250ml semi skimmed for drinks in the day.(Hex A)

Lunch; Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, 28gm Low Cheddar (4 Syn)
Muller light, necatarine, banana.

Dinner; SW Moroccan spicy veg stew, couscous. Nat FF Yoghurt with sweetener and bluberries.

snacks; Rivita, with smear of butter (3Syn) Activia FF Raspberry yoghurt (.5 Syn)

Options hot choc (2Syn)

Total Syns = 9.5
(I will not edit; I will not edit; I will not edit)
Aug a8th

Day 15 Wednesday Aug 18th

Well, I lost 1lb. Had a feeling I had slowed down but well pleased with my total of 13lb in 5 weeks. (and I still have the joy of the stone to look forward to)

Breakfast; Porridge (hexB) and banana. 250 ml semi skimmed for drinks in the day.(hexA)

Lunch; salad and tomatoes, 2 boiled eggs, dressing (2Syn) Activa fat free fruit yoghurt (.5Syn).

Dinner; Lean mince, mushrooms, onion, curry paste (3Syn) rice. Nectarine

Snacks; 3 M&S sugar free sweets (1.5 Syn)
Options (2Syn)

Total Syn = 9

Back on 27th - hopefully not too much heavier!
Aug 27th

Thursday Aug 27th
Just back from the Dordogne and managed to stay the same weight which was a great surprise. I ate quite sensibly but nowhere near the SW plan and my travelling day yesterday was way overboard. I feel motivated now though to get on track again.

Breakfast; porridge (H exB)and banana 250 ml semi skimmed for drinks in day (h exA)
Rivita (1.5 Syn) banana. scrape butter (1Syn)

Lunch; 2 quorn sausages, egg, beans. spray light.
banana, rivita/nutella 'choc' (1 Syn)

Dinner; Lean mince, onion, mushroom, tomatoes, curry paste (3Syn) rice, quark.
Muller light.
Digestive (3.5 Syn)

Options (2Syn)
edit; curly wurly (6Syn)

Total Syns =18
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Aug 28th

Saturday Aug 28th

Not a very good day. Shopping - just a latte, but should have had tea. Then decided to make a banana cake for grandchildren & managed to eat 3 slices before I wrapped it up.
Breakfast; Porridge and banana. Milk for drinks in the day (Hex A&B)

Lunch; M&S tuna salad with beans & peas with dressing(Syn 4?)
Small Latte (Syn 7??)

Dinner; Mushroom risotto with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot. tsp oil (Syn 3)
Muller light. Nectarine
Banana Cake - 3 slices (Syn 45??)

Total Syns about 60 due to pure lack of willpower when it came to the cake. Obviously need to avoid baking for the moment. I need to get my head back into this and take it seriously again. I think not putting weight on in France has lulled me into thinking I don't have to try too hard

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