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  1. Gabby

    Gabby Full Member

    Im going out for the first time as a sington Saturday night, now im fitting in some jeans I bought ages ago, ive got a nice top to wear that covers the chubby arms, but gives a nice eyeview of the heaving bust!!!
    And it all gives me nice curves
    BUT the spare tyre in the middle!!!!!!
    Anyone know of a good thing i can buy in shops to hold tha tyre in?
    Pretty Please
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  3. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    ive seen some BIG pants in debenhams, Trinny and suzannah! £25 and claim you loose a dress size!!

    Good luck and have a fab night out hunnxxxx
  4. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Tesco have magic knickers for a fiver a pair :)
  5. New Clare

    New Clare Full Member

    I bought some of these to wear under a black dress and they really do work!
    Look really frumpy but who cares if they hold in your "Muffin top" :D

  6. Austineer

    Austineer Full Member

    Spanx - I swear by them - if you have a large shopping centre near you you may be able to find the Spanx All the Way High Waisted Briefhose (have a look at them on Figleaves.co.uk) - because they go up to the bra line they hold everything in, and also smooth your thighs. Plus, because they're tights, you don't get the seam digging into the thigh that you do with the bodysuit versions. Size D fit me, I'm a size 18 trousers and 16 top. They are dear for tights, at about £23 a pair, but I get plenty of wears out of them.

    I also use Aristoc Hourglass Toner tights - they give a nice curvy (in the right places) shape but aren't as restrictive as the Spanx, although they also go up to the bra line. I wear the M/L size, and get them from ebay for about £4 a pair, which is a massive saving on anywhere else.

    A tip with both of these - pull the "waist" band right up underneath the bottom of your bra and it'll stay put better - if you leave a gap they both have a tendency to roll down a little bit. Oh, and don't be tempted to get a smaller size in the Spanx as they are VERY tight and won't do the trick!

    I'm not a big fan of waist cinchers - because they end at the hips I find I get a "hip roll" of fat where it's been pushed down from my tummy. The boned sort bend in odd places and the non-boned ones tend to roll up as well as down.
  7. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    Id love to buy them but have nooo where to go in them poor me!! lol

  8. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    Ive tried wearing these type of "hold it all ins" shame i have a weak bladder and cant hold that all in for too long!!! hehehe Lets just say i just about avoided an accident... Alway check ur quick exit routes when wearing these undies!
  9. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

  10. Gabby

    Gabby Full Member

    Thanks for the recs and ideas gals,
    specially Austineer, I like someone who tries them all!!
    Well in the end I went and tried some in Matalan £6 and yes you cant get the ones that are too small, like putting a condom on inside out!!!
    Mahoosive rollage....
    So got XL in skin colour, my god there HUGE but I had a good laugh with the skinny checkout girl who even admit she wears them where shes got a really tight dress on!!!!
    Im not going out on the pull and no one is going to see them, mind you im know what im like when i get drunk, a total twat that will prob flash me bridgets at lots of startled men :D
    But do I care.... nah
  11. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

  12. MissyMustDoIt

    MissyMustDoIt Silver Member

    i love a bit of honesty on a thread :8855:

    BUT PMSL at everyone elses comments!:8855:
  13. emmaaa

    emmaaa Full Member

    I got a pair of control pants from Primark for £4, they're good value and do the job. If I had the cash to splash though, I'd definitely invest in some Spanx ones, I've heard they're really good! I also bought an under-bust waist cincher from ebay for £35 a few months ago to go with a white dress with red polka dots on it, and although it was fabulous and pulled my waist in by 5"(!!), I could barely breathe and the boning has bent in odd places from when I've been sat down and my stomach has folded over! Lol. I'll be wearing my Primark's finest £4 control knickers when I go out on Saturday night, much easier than getting the corset on! Haha x
  14. VixB

    VixB Full Member

    Another vote for Spanx here, they are fab and actually comfortable, worth the money.
  15. Austineer

    Austineer Full Member

    Yup - if you look after your Spanx they will last for ages.

    Beware, though, the "opening crotch" - if you don't pull the tights/bodysuits right up you will find that you have (to put it bluntly) "flesh creep" through the opening crotch. My flabby thighs love to try to escape and it can get uncomfortable. So pull, pull, pull upwards.

    Oh, and I've yet to meet anyone who has successfully had a wee through the opening. I would imagine you have to be a fifth grade yoga master with four hands for it to be a possibility...

    I have also tried Peacocks seam-free bodysuit - gave me lumps in odd places and flattened my already weeny boobies.

    Peacocks used to do the most wonderful control pants, a low leg verson which didn't cut in on the thigh and came just high enough to cover the muffin top. The ******* have discontinued them, fortunately I still have about ten pairs.... Hell, if I find something that works I tend to buy several pairs.

    And, although I'm loathe to give away my secret sources ;) here's a link to the lovely person on ebay who sells brand-new, never opened Aristoc Hourglass Toner Tights for a fraction of the normal retail value:

    ARISTOC BODYTONERS 10D HOURGLASS TONER TIGHTS BLACK M/L on eBay (end time 12-Aug-09 19:28:46 BST)

  16. emmaaa

    emmaaa Full Member

    Thanks for the link Annie, I'll check that out myself too. I'm always on the look-out for good control tights! :) x

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