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Waist measurement

A general question really - roughly how many pounds do you need to lose to go down an inch on your waist?

For myself, i seem to be losing an inch for every four pounds i lose.

Unfortunately i am very broad and the weight is concentrated around my middle. I currently have a 37.5" waist and am getting frustrated. My hips are only 40.5" and it is my big waist that is stopping me fitting into size 16 clothes :(. I have started to do exercises which focus on this area to see if i can get the weight moving.
Does anyone find that the weight comes off your waist more when you get smaller?
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I've lost 5 inches off my waist now (this morning measure 36) and I've lost 16 pounds. That's just over 3lbs per inch I reckon. My hips are still 43 though - started at 46 so slower going there.


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It really does depend on the person as everyone is different. You can also lose inches without losing any pounds if you are exercising.


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i have lost about 5inches on my waist i think but my hips aren't shifting so i'm looking ridiculous in my size 20s waiting for the 18s to fit!!
Thanks for posting this, it reminded me to measure myself!

I think I've lost an inch to every four pounds off my waist. Unfortunately I'm only losing about one inch per eight pounds from my hips! I've always been pear shaped and now I'm worrying this diet will make that even more pronounced!


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It will all even out in the end, our bodies tend to go funny shapes while we are in the process of losing weight but then they change again


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Well after I lost the first 2 stone I was feeling great and liked the changes I was seeing then when I lost the next stone I suddenly felt more flabby and wobbly. I wasn't too happy about it but I know that in the end it will all go into place!
ive lost 13lbs and 2.5inches off my waist so 1inch for every 5lbs ish

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