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Waistline reducing Wednesday **hour by hour**


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Good morning everyone.
Looks like its going to be another lovely day.
Having removed the batteries from my scales its been a bit odd not weighing myself this morning! Hoping it will keep me on the straight and narrow til CDC comes back from hol.
Hoping everyone has a fabbie day.
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Morning Molly, and everyone else who appears today!

I woke up this morning absolutely bursting for the loo. Being so tired it took me an age to get up, so eyes were watering by the time I got in the bathroom!

Feel really sick this morning, i get it often when I'm hungry. What was odd (sorry if TMI) last night I felt sick, but my stomach was rumbling, and I just assumed it was hungry pangs. I ended up having a crying episode, So DH filled my water bottle up. I had two glasses from a litre bottle, and ended up in the bathroom being sick. The water, followed by bial.

Does anyone else have this happen to them? I've only had it happen once before.

Please don't think I'm ill or anything, because I feel fine! On top of the world infact, loving my weight losses, comments from family/friends etc. I just would have thought that I would have stopped feeling hungry by now (im in week 7).

Good luck everyone for today!

Great inspirational name btw Molly!

Hugs x x x


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Morning all..

Hey Molly well done for removing your batteries thats such a good idea I used to drive myself mad with getting on and off..

Molly hope your ok hon........ drink lots of water and hopefully the sickness feeling will pass..

Off for weigh in after I have dropped the boys of at nursery..... I was really happy as yesterday I fitted into a size 8 dress. It was a kind of stretchy type dress but was still so happy a size 8 .. even though I know Im not a size 8 in other things it still felt good... and I cant wait to wear it .. secretly as I know its got a size 8 label in it how sad am I x

Have a good day everyone .......catch you later xxx


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Morning Peeps

Love the thread name Molly!!

I just couldn't take the batteries out of my scales at the moment - I need them to make me focus on the job in hand. It gave me a big scare when I had put weight on last week but it is nice to watch it come back down again, if slowly. It does get rather obsessive tho so I can see why you have done it! Good luck anyway!

Emma, hope you feel better as the day goes on.

I feel a lot happier today as my son is happier now - phew! He had caused such a horrible atmosphere in the house with his anger and bad mood, it affected us all. Anyway, it's in the past now and i am taking him for lunch today to the college restaurant he is going to be doing catering in from September. I will just choose wisely but it is something we have promised to do with him just so he knows what he will be doing very soon. Can't wait for him to finish his exams as all he wants to do is learn recipes so that will save me cooking for the rest of the family and so concentrate on my weight loss. Great!

Right, back to the water...it's like having a liquid comfort blanket. You know the water will always be there for you!!

Have a great day everyone and good luck with weigh ins today...



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Hi peeps,

hope you feel better oon emma,
curly thats is fab,size 8!! LOL! Cant wait for your WI!!

Well, my scales are showwing a half pound GAIN!!! What the h*ll?
Im 100%!!! Ok my trousers feel loser! thats good! and it is only half pound. I think im going up a plan from saturday. Im sure I will have an sts this week with no idea why at all!!!Will try not to beat myself up coz I am not a failure. I know Im doing everything right, drinking loads of water exercising as usual. POO on the scales!!!

Working today so wont be on too much

Have a great day to everyone and enjoy the sun.


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I am doing the weigh myself everyday thing but hope i can let go of it like you have......unfortunately my scales don't need batteries! Have a fab week.


Loving losing
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Curly, we cross posted...WOWEEEEEE!!! WTG!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!
Bet you don't stop grinning all day!!



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Hi all,

Back after work trip overseas and needing a bit of discipline! I maintained while away even without my CD comfort blanket & even lost a little more, but today my head is all upside-down, can't seem to stop eating. Nothing like an old style binge but not good, and probably happening because of fall-out with OH last night... arghhh. I hate that he can take the rug out from under my feet this way, but I have to remember that nobody is making me eat... I'm in control here. Aren't I?

Emma, hope you are feeling better soon. Curly, wow to the dress! Molly, feel like throwing my scales out of the window today!!!! Ibiza, enjoy the meal with your son, it's exciting for both of you... my kids are just finishing big exams too, scary. Welland & Imagisgal, hi, and hang on in there!



Loving losing
S: 18st4lb C: 18st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 0st2lb(0.78%)
Hi Katy
Good to have you back - have missed you. Hope your trip went well.That's amazing that you have continued to lose, so disciplined,well done you!

Hope you sort your OH prob out very soon, life is too short. And yes you are soooooo in control.

Have a good day

Hiya everyone,

Looks like another beautiful day!
I am just popping into the garden to do yet more painting of the fence...
Hopefully will get it finished soon as I am fed up of it!
Emma, did u over do it in the sun yesterday, maybe get a bit dehydrated...?
Most people who have a hangover, get sick because of dehydration, it can really take it's toll. Don't worry about the bile, that was just because your stomach was empty.
Maybe have an early shake, or half one to settle your tummy, and drink lots today.

Curly! Wow... a size ! .... I don't even dream about a size 8!!! well done and good luck for weigh in.

Well and good ignore the scales I am 1lb up apparently from last WI but it has to be water!!! I need to drink loads more this week.

Ibiza, glad things are a bit settled at home, my 13 yr old has severe PMS 28 days of every month and makes our lives very hard right now!

Molly I wish I was as brave as you, I can't resist the pull of the scales!!!

Katy, you did fab maintaining your weight... Hope you pull your head into the zone quickly.... it's always hard when you have to get back into the cd routine... I'm sure you will do it though!!

All have a great day


Going for Goal!
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Emma, did u over do it in the sun yesterday, maybe get a bit dehydrated...?
I think you may be right, funnily enough Simon (DH) said the same thing. I was on playground duty (I'm a teacher incase you didn't guess!) so it was 2 hours worth of walking around in the sun. :rolleyes: I did have my water bottle with me though.

I think next time I know i'll be out in the sun for a while I will make sure I make an effort to drink more. I had a fuzzy head all afternoon/evening, and I don't fancy a repeat of that anytime soon!

Big Hugs x x x


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Morning all, day 6 for and had a sneek at scales ( i weigh in using mine as cdc comes every 2 weeks )

and since fri i'm showing a 10lb loss......sooooo happy happy happy lol

it's a grey day in Leeds today but i have a busy day ahead........stay 100% everyone nd have a fab day!


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Morning ladies.

Curly- WOW! Size 8...... all I can say is WOW! Well done hun! Sorry you're feeling ill Emma, hope you're better today. Katy, nice to hear from you again. Well done on maintaining whilst away and hope you get things sorted with OH. Tilly, you always seem to be in your garden, I bet it'll look amazing when you're done. Just think, you could be at goal by the end of the summer... you should have a garden party and wear a lovely, sexy, summer dress ;) I'm a serial weigher too Molly, but the batteries have gone on my scales and I am determined not to buy anymore for them (although I do have a sneaky peak on the WiiFit... I can't resist)

Weigh in for me today at 1, I know I've lost but not a massive amount. CDC is off to Florida on Friday for 3 weeks as she is getting married over there. It'll be 4 weeks from today before I have another WI- how nervous am I? Think I'll be living on Minimins for the next month.

Ohh, forgot to say. I took my Papa to see the new Star Trek film last night (my mum wouldn't go with him, so I thought I'd treat him) We bumped into my uncle there who had a MASSIVE tub of popcorn but I was a good girl- stuck to a bottle of water and a CD bar. I even stuck to water in the pub afterwards. I feel amazing today, such a buzz to know you're doing well.

Hope you all have lovely days :D
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Morning girls -

just popped on to say Im in lurking mode at the moment as my head is all over the place and I dont want to inflict it on anyone really.

After Monday and everyone coming to my recsue I stayed on CD and then went to tesco and bought supplies for doing SS+ but yesterday I didnt need to do it as the devil didnt reappear telling me to eat so its still in the fridge but its a nice security blanket I suppose knowing its there if I need it.

Im sorry Im not replying to eveyone like I normally do but my concentration is dire and Ive got to go in a minute to sports day but just wanted to let you all know Im ok being 100% and am keeping updated with how you all are doing!

Curly - SIZE 8 - absolutely fantastic doesnt even begin to describe probably how great you feel or how proud I am of you! Cant wait to hear about your WI.

For all the other WI's today - good luck and for the ones who are feeling ill hope it passes soon

and stay strong everyone

Will be back later to see how you all are


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Morning all,

Sorry,just a quick note from me as DS has just gone down for a nap so need to go and have a shower quickly before he wakes! Got my WI tomorrow at 3 and hoping to be in the 13's but know that i could have done better this week (with 2 penny sweets on fri, and a tiny nibble of tzatziki dip and cucumber last night) know it wont have done much damage but its more the nibbling habit I need to get out of!

hope you all have good days!


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Everyone is sounding very cheery today, must be this good weather.
I'm just having a naughty diet coke. I feel i've got something stuck in my throat and water just hasnt shifted it. I know diet coke is no longer allowed but i'm 100% SS and actually it doesnt taste as good as pre diet so i might not even finish it all just want to get whatever is stuck in my throat moved.
S: 16st8.0lb C: 16st8.0lb G: 11st6.0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
am back from sports day and its bluddy freezing here in Wales! Sports day a bit of a mixed bag lots of falling over, sulking and tears but also a 3rd place in the sprint for William and overall the kids team won so they are happy.

will be back in a bit just getting them a drink and a biscuit (none for me though - just water for me!) being a good girl today;)
aaahhh my family is in Manchester and my mum just said it had gone a bit chilly!

Its overcast here but even now still warm!!

Anyway... Have finished 4 litres of water today... am determined to drink it for a whole two weeks just to see if it really can help me break the 2lb cycle...
Have been hungry today... not sure why.... had a soup at noon, then had half a bar following it.... had my other half bar at 5pm and will have my last shake warm when I get pack from picking son up.
Have been shattered today, this heat eats away at me...
I had a bit of a eurka moment before...

I was looking through classic confidence catalogue <has big sizes> suddenly realsied that iw as dissapointed because the sizes only went as low as a 14!!!

I am going to a party next month (about 6 weeks away) and will probably still be a 14 but I also have a party in 12 weeks when i hope to be almost at goal so want to be a definite size 12 by then.
I don't want to leave it till the last minute to buy a dress, as because you know how it is, the autumn season stocks will be on the shelves by August and I will end up with something other than what i want...
Think I will have to browse around and maybe take a chance on a dress.

Hope you are all having a good day.


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