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Waiting for my first delivery!

:sigh: Waiting for my first "Bumper Pack" delivery...eyes glued to the road looking for the van!! I am very excited about starting this journey...this is the last time!! I can't put myself through this again!!
I have a very familiar story to a lot of people I'm sure...done LighterLife, Cambridge Diet, Slimming World & Weight Watchers in the past, lost a good amount of weight and then gained all back plus extra for luck!
I have loads to lose and will be around for a long time :rolleyes: I'm hoping to find a "buddy" to journey along with me for support!!! Any takers???
Hoping to start on Thursday 19th....which is exactly 6 months to our family holiday, that will be my first goal.
Much love & support to all of you lovely people :) X
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I'm starting today too, previously done lipotrim and CD! I'm waiting for my delivery today from Exante but have just started with my old CD packs ! I go on holiday 4 months today with the family so I hope/ need to lose as much as possible!

What's the most do you reckon I could lose in 4 months? I have not been weighed yet but think I may have about 6 ish stone to lose in total. I know that will not be gone in 4 months, but how much do you think I could shed doing it 100% on shakes ?
Cappachino...I am sure you would be able to do at least 2.5-3stone?? But don't do what I do & get hung up on the numbers!!!....any loss is a great thing and one step closer to your healthier life :)
Safia...still no delivery for me :sigh: I am thinking it will be tomorrow now so definitely a Thursday start!!! Good luck to you.

Keep in touch ladies...it's good to know I'm noton my own!!!! :) Xx


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Hello and good luck :)

Cappachino, I have been doing exante for 3 months and 2 days. I have lost just over 4 stone and that includes a weekend off when I went away.
Wow determinator and Jo ur losses r fab! I've just jumped on the scales and nearly dropped to the floor in shock at the numbers,so I'm definitely sticking to this!

I had no email regarding delivery date/time so I emailed exante from work at 12.20pm they emailed me back at 1.30pm and said they tracked my delivery and it will b at my home between 1.50-2.50pm! I was fuming as I was not there and I had no correspondence from interlink! Just got home to a calling card :-(
Good job I have some of my CD packs left !

I hope your delivery comes soon! X

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