Walkers French Fries Multipacks/Quavers/


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Hello everyone, just wanted to share this with you.
I have been purchasing Walker's multipacks (French Fries). I have looked everywhere on the outer wrapper for the weight of the contents of each bag. I have looked everywhere on the actual bag for a weight, again with no luck. I had a similar issue last week when a friend offered me a bag of quavers. If you buy the individual packs, it gives you the weight, but not multipacks.
I wrote to Walkers about this as people dieting are likely to experience the same issue. They wrote back to me and told me this:

"All products weighing less than 25 grams are not required by law to have the weights printed on them. The 1984 Weights and Measures Act, brought into concept the 'Average Weight' to bring the UK in line with other EU countries.

French Fries within a multipack fall into this category as they weigh 19gm. Thank you once again for taking the time to contact us, I hope this information helps."

Just wanted you to be aware as I am sure other people will have the same experience. I think this will apply to French Fries/ Quavers and Wotsits.
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So are multi packs less syns than single?


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My SW book gives you the values for example for french fries. Multipacks normally have less in them than a standard bag. Now they dont write how much they put in them, looks like I'll have to weigh them myself.


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I never knew this! Thank you.

Looking at the SW website syn values

19g bag is 4 syns, standard 22g bag is 4.5 syns. No need to weigh them hun!

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Sorry for shouting but no less than 5 mins ago I was examing my pack of Skips and the multi pack for a weight but I couldn't find it. I don't often eat crisps, in fact this is the first pack I've had since starting SW but I'm guessing that my pack was the lowest weight listed on the SW website as it's out of a multipack.

What a freaky co-incidence!

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It's given me goose bumps. Such a random thing for me to do, and then read this thread and come across the same thing!

I didn't really enjoy my Skips by the way, much prefer a sweet treat!


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awsome I love crisps! But havent had any since I started SW because I feared they were too many syns! But 4 syns is something I think I could do :) thanks! xxx


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hey so how many syns in a bag of skips? yano just the standard bag you buy from the corner shop? and does anyone know what are the best low syned crisps to eat? x


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I noticed this too, so weighed them and they came out at 19g! Hurrah! A lovely 4-syn treat :)