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Walking away the pounds.


Addicted to Minimins!
Since getting my car i have become a couch potato. Before i got the car i would walk the kids to and from school, walk to the local co-op or tesco express for grocery shopping, walk and hour and twenty minutes to visit my Mum, i walked EVERYWHERE! When we got the car i said that i'd only use it when i needed to - but you guessed it i now drive the kids to and from school, i drive to the big asda to do my shopping (even if i don't need much) I drive to mums, i drive to town, infact i think the only walking i do is from the car to the front door!!
Well this morning i dusted off the pedometer, strapped it to my jeans and decided that the 'new' me is more active than the old one and that i had to start somewhere. (don't think i'm quite ready for the gym yet!) I walked the kids to school (you should have heard the moans when i said we were walking!) i then walked to the local tesco express for some fruit and veg and then walked home. Upping my number of steps for the day from something in the region of 500 up to 5485! I'm hoping making these small changes will help on my journey to a happier me. :)
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Good for you girl! I need to do the same! Our office moved further away so my walk has increased, as well as the commute so I just started wearing my pedometer this week as well and was shocked at how few steps I did compared to the 10000 steps they say to do in a day, I am only doing about half that.

Good luck with the change!!
That's really good Ray!!! They say that even 5-10 minutes per day is really beneficial!!! Good on you gal!!! I have my first weigh in tonight, fingers crossed for me :)
Well done hun, its those small changes that can make a BIG difference. I would love to do more walking, unfortunately I live at the top of the biggest hill in the country (even the mountain goats wear spiked boots and oxygen masks!) and its just not practical. I do, occasionally park on the "flat" and walk from there (dependant upon the weather)


Addicted to Minimins!
Well managed to do 11,162 yesterday without even really trying. Won't do half as many today as we got up late and i had to drive the kids to school or we would've been late. *note to self* - buy an alarm clock!

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