Walnuts - Natural Laxative?

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  1. Rallya

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    Cambridge Diet
    I've had a real craving for walnuts the past couple of weeks or so, and buy them from the local weigh and save shop a 100g at a time.

    I know they arent helpful for the diet because of the fat in them, but I have found that if I am constipated if I eat a bag of walnuts they completely clear me out the next day (sorry for being so graphic :D ). I've found them better than the laxatives you buy at the chemist for some reason.

    Not a very helpful post I know, as its nothing to do with CD and you're not really supposed to eat them on the diet but just thought I'd share:devilangel:
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  3. Dibspl

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    Ok, we all agree they are not allowed, however don't seem to have hurt your weight loss ;)

    However i do know walnuts are good for your heart, they increase the elasticity of your blood vessels/arteries i think. I know walnuts and pistachios are recommended (and the only nuts) for my husband who was told to watch what he ate due to high blood pressure

    So you're doing yourself some good eating them even if strictly not CD (plus of course the "ahem" other benefit you mentioned) :rolleyes:
  4. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    This may seem harsh but either you are following CD or you or not. Walnuts do not appear anywhere here.

    If you need nelp use either Fibre 89 as a preventative or psyllium husks to clear the problem. Both of which are CD approved.

    The CD diet is finely tuned if you deviate please do not expect the same results.

    I hope your problem sorts it self out speedily.

  5. Dibspl

    Dibspl Radix lecti

    Accept your comments and I think we both acknowledged that walnuts play no part in CD, however it has been done so was just making general comments on health benefits.
    Walnuts contain omega 3 fats and are recommended in your diet by the British Heart Foundation.

    I think everyone on this site knows if you cheat in any form, you can't expect to make the same progress as if you stick to it rigidly, however that doesn't take away the fact that Rallya has already done exceptionally well and lost 7 1/2 stone so that should be applauded as exceptionally good going.

    Best of luck on the last bit of weight you want to lose :D
  6. Rallya

    Rallya Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Sorry, I thought I made it clear in my original post walnuts were not allowed on CD, I was just making a general statement I found through eating them. I in no way suggested people eat them when doing the diet :)

    Anyway, thank you for your post ;)
  7. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    Rallya I agree You have had a major achievement here, however, , everthing is in place fore a reason isn't it .

    Walnuts in the 'normal' sphere of things would be okay, however, following CD to the letter would not be acceptable would it?

    Psyllium husks are superb and will really help.

    Give a try.
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