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Wanna eat Wanna eat Wanna eat!!!!!


I Can Do This!
HELP! I am finding it so hard to stay away from food. Not just food. I keep wanting more of my packs, immediately after I have finished one. It seems like I am never satisfied and it's so hard at the moment. I don't understand why it should be like this. I must still be in ketosis as I haven't touched any real food. In which case I must be dealing with emotional hunger rather than physical hunger. I am tired as I have not been getting to bed early, but am waking up in the early hours. I am prowling the house and achieving nothing just trying to get away from the kitchen. I do have one more pack due today, but I am desperately trying to save it until 9pm so I have something to have later. I think of food or having another pack constantly. Can't go out as OH away and I have kids.

Is it just tiredness? Or could it be to do with the fact I am feeling pretty happy with my weight and size now? I have read about so many people sabotaging their diet as they approach goal weight. It can be almost as though they are actively preventing themselves from reaching goal and facing the real world of food. I do not want to do that. I DO want to get to goal and be a healthy weight. I still have two stone to lose - well, at least 1.5 stone to get to a healthy weight. I could achieve this in around two months if I stay 100% abstinent. It will take a lot longer if I have extra packs or eat (god forbid!).

I wish I could apply my CBT/TA and sort my head out, but I don't know where to start with this one. I must keep fighting it. It's a mental battle I WILL win.....

Any suggestions on why this is happening or how I can take control of this constant fight would be most welcome.
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I havent any advice, as I start LL tomorrow, but just to say hang on in there,you have come so far, well done to you, keep at it. Sending positive vibes. X

I hate days like that. I find i get like that if I am bored, and not occupied with something to keep my mind of it. Plus, you are getting close to the end..and that does make the anticipation of getting back on food prety exciting and all consuming.

You'll get through it - just silence those voices trying to pursuede you.

Stay strong lady!!! :)


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Hi TI,Sorry to hear you are struggling at the mo.I know I found myself getting like this too as I was getting near the end.Part of it was boredom,but also there was a bit of self-sabotage too.You get so many positive strokes that it's harder to keep motivated, and it is so extreme .Perhaps 'cos OH is away too,and you're on your own with the kids.Hang on in there.Remember your strategy to tackle this. I know you can do it.Take care xx


I Can Do This!
Survived, but sooo hard tonight :sigh:. Done all sorts of jobs to stay busy, but food always at the forefront of my mind. Had my pack, a large coffee and a large hot St Clements. Heading for bed. Tomorrow it will start over again.

Thanks so much for your support. I'm going to focus on getting through one day at a time like it was at the beginning. Hopefully the time will start to fly again. I want to do this in a single hit and have come through so much already I can't let myself fail now. xx


Happy in my own skin
Hi TI,

Sorry to hear you've been struggling. My LLC suggested when this happens try to focus on what feelings are behind the hunger to find out if it is emotional hunger. If a feeling or thought comes up, stick with it but keep asking yourself....and what else, to see if it goes deeper. I'm not sure if that's making much sense so I'll try to explain it in an example.

One of my issues is I can occasionally feel like I might be missing out, when I think about what feeling is behind that I have come up with feelings of not getting my fair share (this all goes back to childhood), when I keep going with it I came up with feeling I had to fight my corner and protect that which was mine, and underneath that is the feeling that I was unloved. Pretty heavy stuff I know, and may not be anything like what you are coming up against but might help you put some sort of direction to it.

One way of getting out of the boredom loop for me it to get some strokes by trying on clothes that I'm hoping to get into and usually finding I can get into them...makes me feel great and helps me focus on why I'm doing this.

Hope tomorrow is a better day chicken...:)
Well DONE TI!!! Its tough when its like htat!!! I have been like that snce starting this second little run of mine. Seems much more apparent then the last time, but then I am only 2 weeks in. I can't remember last time how long it took before those thoughts went away. BUt it does make it hard!!!

So proud of you for getting through it. Just remember if it gets tough today, remember you were able to get thru yesterday, and just keep at it, one day at a time.

Good on ya!

Be Strong TI!!! We can do it :)


...we're sinking deeper.
Hey T_i; I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling! :(

Those days are tough, and I know I definitely still have them now most of the time... I believe it's linked to tiredness; I notice when I get a good night's rest I am nowhere near as hungry... And I also remember that the last two months of abstinence I had a constant hunger I was battling coupled together with lethargy and general feeling of 'blah'!

In some ways I read a while ago in one of many wise KD posts; that there are two kinds of people... people who are naturally thin, and some who are naturally fat due to genetic and natural preservation factors (i.e. in times of famine - the 'fat' ones would survive!). I am a naturally fat person, and my hormones/genetics tell me to always go and eat - and those instincts are especially strong when at a lower weight than "supposed" to be. ... Even right after a meal, the need to chew, the need to keep eating are very strong for me... I've had to come up with many solutions to keep the eternal hunger at bay, but sometimes it is very ... very hard. I still have to fight it on a daily basis. :(

I can suggest for these days: perhaps split your foodpacks into two... That means instead of 4 meals per day, you will have 8. Remember your savoury broth's - they may taste rather nasty, but it's an extra hot cup-a-soup you can fill in!

Maybe if you can, even a 10-20 minute walk will take a bit away from the hunger, it's not a long time to leave the kids on their own, and will probably help especially if it's a nice day outside. ... Or have a walk WITH your kids!

Or take up online gaming which is what I do in moments of weakness... It's a really good time waster; and it's social!

I've the same feeling again today as for the past week or so. OK first thing, but starting to obsess already about the time and when I can have my next pack. I've had one pack (7.30am) a litre of water and three coffees so far today. I normally have a soup about 12.30 so two hours to go. My work is suffering as I am completely distracted. Tired again as, despite going to bed earlier, my 5 year old came through at 1 am to wake me from a deep sleep and tell me she'd wet the bed! C'est la vie.

I am determined not to give in, but I want to stop obsessing. I do have a savoury drink to hand if I really need to have something. I find them very salty though.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. I'm going to try some out this evening. xx

Jo B

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You can do it T_I. I have had a few days like that recently when after I have had my evening packs (normally a bar and a shake) I just want more. Mine is definitely boredom and a lot of that is coupled with having more energy now I am lighter and so I get restless. Going for a walk like Min suggested is definitely a good idea. It does get more difficult the further to goal you get - like you I have about 25lbs to go until I get there (BMI 24). We will both get there and get there being fully abstinent, one day at a time is all you can do. When you get tempted just imagine how disappointed you will be in yourself if you do give in to the food demons

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