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wanna lose 6 stone! :S

to me it sounds like a load! but reading some stories on here it has got me thinking i can do it!

congratulations to everyone on here by the way! well done to you all!

i just wanted some advice really!

i am currently using a cycling machine 25mins a time and then doing press ups. bit random i know lol

i have started to eat healthy aswell like cutting out carbs (bread, pasta, potato etc) i have been eating alot more white meat and fish aswell with the fruit and veg :D

was wondering if i can get any better tips on how to lose it pretty quick! i am willing to try anything. :D

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If you want to lose some weight quickly the best way would be a low carb diet. That would mean very little fruit and milk. Eat meat, fish, eggs, cheese (always check the labels) some cheeses have carbs some don't. No starches ie potatoes, pasta, bread.

Keep your carb below 25 mg per day and I guarantee you will lose weight and fairly quickly in the first month, more or less.
A typical day would look like this:

low carb protein shake or scrambled eggs w/ cheese coffee or tea w/ 35% cream(no carbs in this)

Large salad w/ chopped eggs and sliced chicken, cubed cheese w/ low or no carb dressing

Atkins low carb bar

Meat of choice
salad w/ low or no carb dressing or green vegies.

anything very low carb or atkins bar.

Drink lots of water and take a multivitamin.
Read labels for hidden carbs, drinks LOTS of water.
Talk to Jim in the Atkins forum. He lost well over 100 pounds doiong Atkins and I am sure you can lose weight on low carb too. Good luck.:)


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like sooz said, low carb can loose it quick... is there a reason you want to loose it quick??

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