wanna start!


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h guys. ok im 22. iive lost around 4 stone todat starting at the age of 17/18. ive been 14 stone now for 3 and a half years (originally between 17.5 and 18 stone) and ive just reached a plateau where no matter what i go up and i go down literally like a yo yo. im seriously contemplating lipotrim to reach my goal of ten stone. however im a bit aprehensive. will be meeting my gp this week to discuss with him. suffered from depression when i was 18 and sometimes can feel low. so jkust wanna get his approval.

any words of advice?
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wow! u've done really well so far!!! i know how frustrating it must be to hit a plateau! i lost about 2.5 stones by going gym n stuff but then i hurt my back so i took up lipotrim. first few days are hard but after that i felt a lot better :) have you read some of the threads on here to get a feel of lipotrim? xx


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Hi Jan87

its crap when you hit a plateau, what eating plan are you following at the mo. I suggest you have a chat with your GP Im on medication for depression and my dr was very supportive with regards to lt and my hubby has commented on the fact that as i lose weight my moods are improving so in my opinion give it a shot

all the best in what you decide

xx Sharron


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thanks guys! really appreciate all the advice. well i plan to start in february. we've a trip to london planned the end of january and ive a stressful month ahead so dont fancy any excuses getting in my way! what i would like to know though is the maintenance plan. i plan to lose a stone between now and february right. so that will leave me with three stone to lose which if i look at the results of a lot of people it appears i could do that in leass than 8 weeks, bt what then? i dont wanna be on a ridiculous diet for life, i want to change my lifestyle but to one thats achievable and reachable. this year i want a new me inside and out. so i dont want to set myself up for failure.


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hey hun
once you get the okay from your GP you should definitely go on to LT. You have lost a lot of weight already so well done for that!.. I agree with what fraggle said, as I have been losing weight I have become happier and am alot more confident in myself. Obviously unsure of your reasons for your depression but i think there are quite a lot of people who are on LT and anti-depressants too. Im sure someone will be along who has better advice. good luck with whatever you decide to do xxx