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Wannabslim's Atkins diary- day 3

...and I have no idea how many carbs I have consumed!

Well I know its low as I have tried to stick mainly to free foods...

Brekkie: 2 slices of bacon (free) with 1 egg as an omlette (free), seasoned with salt and pepper, eaten as a sort of bacon sarnie! Total carbs: 0g

Snack: mini peperami (free) and a cheesestring light (free). Total carbs: 0g

Lunch: 4 lettuce leaves with tuna (free), 2 hard boiled eggs (free) and 20g brie (0.2g carbs).

Lunch is where I have the problem, I have no idea how many carbs in 4 leaves of lettuce. Can anyone help?

Dinner is going to be mince fried up with mushrooms, onions, garlic and tinned tomatoes. But I need to know how many carbs I have already had to work out how much tomatoes etc to have at dinner... Please help me!!

Am I doing this right, judging by todays mealplan, or is there something I am doing too much/not enough of??

Stupidly I forgot I was doing a diet (thats how easy I have found it) and ate 2 peppermint sweets this afternoon- they are from Thorntons and a 185g had a whopping 98.5cals in it. Estimated no. sweets in a bag: 25. So I could have consumed 9g carbs in just those 2 sweets! Need to bear that in mind at dinner too methinks :(

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You seem to be doing it by the book hun. I'm a bit more relaxed (for use of a better word) about it. I eat my lettuce leaves freely as I'll never eat the daily allowed amounts. With regards to veg/salad you are allowed the following:

Salad veg's...eg lettuce/mushrooms/cucumber/peppers/celery 230g - 340 per day.

Other Veg's eg
Onion/tomato/asparagus/brocolli/cauli/sprouts/cabbage/aubergine/french beans/leeks etc, you are allowed 140g -200g if the salad does not exceed 230g.

Measure spinarch/tom's raw as they cook down and this way you'll not understimate the carbs.

You seem to have had a fab day.

Well done hun.
Thanks hun! If I go under the 20g carbs using allowed foods, can I have other foods to make it up? Or is it better to keep carbs as low as poss? xx
Hi dancing,

As i dont have the book i just wasnt sure what it recommended as regarding whether it is better to be under the carb allowance or to try and hit the 20g target, i'm not trying to find 'ways around' the diet, i'm not talking about avoiding the salad to make way for other things, I am just trying to find out what it says we are to do if we are under the limit significantly, as I am today, as was unsure on whether it was ok to be under or whether it is better to make it up to 20g if necessary!

All your info is helpful but I wasnt planning on doing this unless the diet recommended it, and from what you have said I am assuming it doesn't?

PS I intend to buy the book but havent had the chance to go into a bookshop yet! Will do when I am in town on thurs so will have to 'make do' with Minis support til then x


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Awww dancing we can all be wrong sometimes. What is important is the fantastic support you offer everyone on this site. You are one of the most prolific posters, so to get it wrong occasionally is very forgivable.
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Awww dancing, apology accepted! I appreciate your input :) and your support has been invaluable these last couple of days!



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morning hun!,

you're doing just fine sweetheart,

just shout if you need anything

sue xx
Hey everyone, thought I might turn this thread into a sort of diary type thing where I will ask any questions, put down my thoughts on atkins etc. I have a diary over in Members Only but would like to keep that private so will continue to use that for more intimate issues!

So, an update. Well I didn't get round to dinner last night but as I said yesterday, I wasn't really hungry and I felt it was too late to eat. This morning I don't feel that hungry either but am going to make myself scrambled eggs and bacon in a bit seeing as I have plenty of time this morning.

Because it is week 1 I am weighing daily and monitoring my weight, body fat, water % and muscle mass. I didn't weigh in the morning of day 1 (which is when I normally weigh) but I did in the afternoon, when the scales showed 13.7lbs :( :eek: shocking for me as I expected more like 13.3!!!

Yesterday afternoon (day 2) I hopped on at approximately the same time as I had done on day 1 and the scales had dropped to 13.3 :D :D wahey!! So this diet is clearly working! I had eaten and drunk about the same quantities both days and it was interesting to see that my body fat %, water % and muscles were all weighing the same....

But this morning things have started to change! I went to pilates last night and felt very dehydrated during it, so drank lots of water to try and sort it but still I don't feel it was enough. The scales are showing it this morning in my water and my percentage is up, which means I am retaining more, so need to drink much more water today. It is quite good knowing all the stats and not just the weight as I know where all my weight is coming from! I am apparently 48% water at the moment which is a little too high for someone with my level of body fat so need to sort that out.

Oh yes. The weight reading. 13.1lbs this morning :D :D :D yessssss!! So in effect I have lost 6lbs so far which I am very pleased about considering I have been eating. The only time I have seen losses like this before has been on a VLCD SSing 100%, and even then it wasn't this quick. Obviously my end of week WI results will be the ones that count but as this diet is new to me I want to know it is working, and the scales are currently saying 'yes' on that count! Can't wait to see what the end of the week brings.

But, for now, I can't believe I'm already on day 3, the time is passing so quick. I'm just glad I made the decision to start now rather than later as at this rate I could still be slim for summer, without SSing- something I had given up all hope on!

Can anyone give me an idea on how much weight it is normal to lose on Atkins?



The old me is coming back
Well done Wannabe Slim - i think i recognise you from the WW forum? I was on there for a while as well - am a disaster !

Anyway, wanted to say a huge congrats on the 6lbs loss - that's brilliant!!!
I have been trying to start Atkins for the last 3 days and have failed each day! Had eggs today and was full - not a bit hungry and then called into the shop on my way to work and got a scone and chocolate!! Not hungry just bought it and stuffed it down. I have all my Atkins ready food at home, was excited about starting soemthing different so why can't i stick to it?

Sorry for stealing your thread, maybe your loss will spur me on! What have you been eating on an average day?
Hello hun

I hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your thread here, but i am thinking about doing Atkins in the near future....? You can be my guinea pig haha!

I'm SS'ing but am missing food hugely and it's making me miserable!! Your menu sounds lush!

Lots of luv,
Hiya hun, no need to apologise, its nice to have company!

Yeah I was on the WW forum back in February-Marchish, but didn't really get on with it.

The one thing I will say is if you are gonna do Atkins I think you really need to do it 100% as if you break it it's like breaking SS on CD or LL... your body is processing the fat instead of the carbs so if you give it carbs they will be stored and used before the fat, and ultimately you could end up putting on weight...

Foodwise, for brekkie I have had bacon and eggs for 2 out of 3 days and have enjoyed it both times. I think my preference is microwave cooked as fried for me is too greasy for that time in the morning! Had a little ketchup this morning (3g carbs) which was a luxury to have the flavour in there.Yesterday I didn't feel like all that so had an atkins shake for brekkie instead.

In between brekkie and lunch I have had a cheesestring light and a mini peperami both days (and will today) as I am a snacker and if I don't have something I will cheat... I think this might be something you should try if you are finding you are snacking on bad stuff. Have planned snacks and then you will be able to stick with it.

Lunchtimes I have been making a salad and taking it to work with me as otherwise I will end up getting lunch in the pub with my workmates. They don't know I am on Atkins, they just think I am trying to save money by bringing lunch with me, which is how I want it. Salad consists each day of 4-5 lettuce leaves and then whatever I fancy in it- tuna mayo, hardboiled eggs, a little brie, bacon lardons, cheddar. Today I think I will be having an Atkins shake as I am meeting a friend at lunch so can have that on the way and my work colleagues will be none the wiser!! :)

Dinner, well I have only had one dinner so far which was mince beef fried with onions, mushrooms, garlic and a little tomato puree, with mozzarella stirred through and topped with cheddar. It was lush!! Today is chicken seasoned with herbs and salad.

Hope that has given you some ideas hun!! Remember, you need to stick to it 100% otherwise the fat will not be used up by your body and you will end up storing it!

Hi Karen! I am actually quite enjoying it, in ketosis so dont feel hungry. What I like is the fact that I dont feel hungry but when I want to eat I can have what I would normally view as "naughty" foods such as a peperami or a babybel, guiltfree.

I must say I am already missing fruit etc. a bit but if you are SSing at the moment any food probably seems like a luxury!! :D

My week 1 WI is on Monday morning so keep your eyes peeled :) xx
You're doing great hun!! I'm worried that if i switch from cd to atkins i'll pile loads of weight on in the first instance???? I've been on and off vlcd for over two years now!! And i feel institutionalised. I either binge out or starve via CD - nothing inbetween!


The old me is coming back
Thanks so much WannabeSlim – that menu sounds delicious and very do-able!! Have you checked for ketosis?
I think my problem is I am so screwed up with piling on and loosing weight and binging that I can’t settle and eat anything like a normal diet now. Perhaps we can be diet buddies on this now and I will start afresh tomorrow and log on for loads of help! Although I am a massive 15.4 so have a heck of a lot more to go – my target is 10s tone!!!
Hi Karen!! Would you believe I have been reading through your thread on the diary section for the last few nights – better than any novel! So to see you here now is like a celebrity in our midst!!
I too am a total binge eater and am in the middle of a few days binge eating at the moment and find the cycle impossible to step out of! I thought you were pretty near target though?
Hi Karen!! Would you believe I have been reading through your thread on the diary section for the last few nights – better than any novel! So to see you here now is like a celebrity in our midst!!
I too am a total binge eater and am in the middle of a few days binge eating at the moment and find the cycle impossible to step out of! I thought you were pretty near target though?
Ha ha ya nut!! Thanks for reading my diary... it's a bit long winded mind you!!

I have a huge capacity to binge! I got to target over two years ago after losing 6.5 stones, i fluctuate a lot and am currently 20lbs over my goal weight.

I have a weekend away with my boyf and his daughters so i might try atkins then?? I usually try to do CD790 ish when i'm away and fail miserablly so maybe it's a good opp to try an atkins weekend??

How are you finding Atkins then Mitten?


The old me is coming back
I am sure I will be flying on Atkins, once I get started!!
I have excellent will power and can stick with SS’ing etc no problem but on the other hand when I am bad I am very bad!! As I am at the moment.
I got to target about 2 years ago with Lipotrim and lasted about a day before I piled the weight back on again. I lost some last year before my wedding with CD and since that and the honeymoon have piled it on and am now my heaviest ever and to be honest am pretty grossed out with myself and can’t seem to put the brakes on!
I would advise you try Atkins Karen as it seems to work for the girls on here. If you look at Wannabeslims diary and what she has been eating it seems pretty good to me – anything but those smelly CD shakes!!
Anything has got to be better than CD packs, i agree.... I have partially tried atkins before but got sick of eating meat, however now i'm more than used to eating the same thing every day lol.

How much do you want to lose on atkins then Mitten? How long do your binges last? Fortunately mine only last for a day unless i'm on holiday!! lol.
Hi guys, I have to say there is more to Atkins than meat :) there is a lot of allowed food. My favourite being CHEESE. It has always been my vice but now that I am 'allowed' it I am in heaven! I'm even starting to find I don't want it as much now I am allowed it so this may be just what I needed to get my need to indulge in it out of the way!

I haven't tested for ketosis mitten as when i was SSing it never showed up and so I dont trust those ketosticks. I listen to my body instead!

Karen you shouldnt put weight on as long as you aren't touching those pesky carbs, as you are in ketosis on both diets, so there will be no glycogen storing going on as long as you do it 100%!

Am sitting at work alone as there is no-one here yet (they are either all skiving or incredibly late) so thought I would take advantage and log onto Minis! :D


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