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want to be a skinny mini

after 3 months I am back on day one of cd's!! this time im sticking to it 100%!!

just started week 2 on CD

lost 7.5 lbs in week one, struggled yesterday and ate some chocolate...naughty!! so started over today and after yesterdays slip up im determined to behave this week lol!! need some support tho as im currently living in Australia wit my OH as he is from here and all my family and friends are back in Ireland, but we are moving back to Ireland the end of July so im aiming to have two stone gone by then...and the other two and half stone il deal with then lol!!
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week 2 was rocky to say the least, struggled badly in the evenings and kept picking at food, managed to somehow lose another 2.5 pounds (even tho was totm) so thats 10 pounds gone so far!!! gave myself a stern talking to on monday nigt and the past three days have been good.
My boyfriend proposed on Sunday night...very sparkly ring lol... so thats really given me something to aim towards, want to get married next year so we can start a family and I want to be a down to a size 10 with a normal BMI , currently im in 16's now, so i have a long way to go and my PCOS doesnt help much when it comes to losing weight!!
anyone reading please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts!!
well here go's week 3...
Congratulation on your engagement :0)
This will really spur you on now. One of my biggest regrets is not loosing more before I got married.
I also have pcos and the weight is slow to come off but it does come off with this diet.
Good luck and keep us posted on how you do?
here go's!!!

Im back again after 3 months of time wasting :eek:!! Im settled in back home now and I am determined to stick to cd's till I reach my goal of 10 stone!! Ive decided to make a list of mini goals for myself to aim for between now and christmas!!!

1. get thru week one!!
2. get into the 13's
3. fit into a size 14
4. take up jogging
5. get into the 12's
6. set a date for my wedding

Starting Weight : 14 st 9.5 pds :cry:
day 1

Very productive day so far, went for an hour long walk dis morning, gave my dog a bath and a haircut and cleaned the house!! have two shakes down and a nice warm mint choc shake to look forward to tonight!!
Haven't had any cravings today and thats prob thanks to several cups of peppermint and green tea!! Here's hoping for an equally successful day 2!!!xx


Needs more willpower
Good luck with your return to CD. Hope it goes well this time. Why did you stop before? Have you got a wedding date to aim for?
hey pinkyjay, thanks for the encouragement :)!! myself and the oh moved back to ireland from australia a few months ago and ive been so busy since getting back that I never got around to resuming cd's!! I managed to keep of the bit of weight id lost in oz so that made me determined to fall back into my cd routine today :D!! Id love to get married in August next year but might have to wait till August 2012!!xx


Needs more willpower
You're welcome for the encouragement that's what we're all here for :) . That's good that you've kept the weight off it is a concern of mine when I finally get it off. Well August 2011 or 2012 gives you plenty of time, have you got a set amount you want to lose?
yep im aiming to lose 65.5 pound in total to reach 10 stone, very daunting when I think of it in pounds but has to be done! I was eating lots of fruit, veg and meats since getting home and ive been walking alot so thats what stopped me gaining but my resolve was starting to slip the last two weeks so im glad im back on cd's and therefore back in control :)!
You've had amazing loses so far, well done!!!!!xx
thanks a million fbs :)!! i feel very optimistic this time round, especially after reading so many other peoples amazing journeys, its very motivating.
day 2

well today has been pretty good, im not feeling hungry or deprived yet :)! tried the cappuccino shake dis morning with crushed ice, very tasty but a lil to sweet for me, might try it hot next time!!
went for a walk dis morning, im maken the most of the nice weather before the rain and misery of winter decends on ireland :), then il be joining the local gym which im very excited about, im slowly developing an exercise addiction haha hopefully by the end of my cd journey it'll have replaced my food addiction...anyway thats enough of my rambling, here's hoping for a brilliant day 3!!!xx
I'm glad it's going good.

I find that adding extra water to some of them is a good idea, especially a hot cappuccino. ;)

Make sure you stick to moderate resistance/weight training at the gym. A certain amount of cardio/aerobic training will most likely slow down your losses.
day 3

woke up with a mild headache today and scary breath :eek:, cud it be the beginnings of ketosis or am I just not a morning person anymore :D??!!
managed to stuck to my shakes today, even when tempted with still warm from the oven homemade apple pie and cream in my best friends house, Then to be offered more delicious looking treats at my brothers house dis evening (the irish are such feeders!!) BUT i said no thank you to all of it and had a yummy peppermint tea instead!! Im a changed woman I tell ye...
feeling experimental tonight so im gonna crack open the cd vegetable soup and see how I go with that!! hope everyone is had a good week :D:D:D!!!xx
Wow! Well done for being so motivated and determined, Natlou!

Hope you have a great BH Monday. :D
day 4...already :)!

thanks for the lovely comments tess and fbs! they are really helping me stay focused!

today has been good...apart from the severe headache...tryed the veg soup, it was quite nice might try a few other flavours next week, has anyone any suggestions??!! only 3 more sleeps till my first weight in and im so excited to see the results on the scales :D! Im going out in 3 weeks for a friends birthday and im hoping to be down a stone by then!x
I am impressed ! I don't know if I could have walked away from warm apple pie :eek:
We have the same goal and the same weigh-in this week so I'll be rooting for you


Needs more willpower
Good luck with your weigh in and well done on doing great so far :) . Mine should have been yesterday but with the B/H it never happened :( . X

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