Warburton thins

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Healthy Extras' started by Sarahc, 21 March 2014.

  1. Sarahc

    Sarahc Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone

    I've done a search and can't find this information so can anyone tell be if any of them are a HEB on EE?

  2. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Well-Known Member

    Synned only sorry :(
  3. Sarahc

    Sarahc Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I thought I was being a bit optimistic lol
  4. Hopeful123

    Hopeful123 Member

    If you can have wholemeal bread any type 60g then surely you can have one of these instead! The wholemeal ones I mean.
  5. hel8

    hel8 I'm just looking!

    I do :D
  6. Sarahc

    Sarahc Well-Known Member

    I'm tempted I might just do the same :)
  7. Hopeful123

    Hopeful123 Member

    I do too!
  8. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Well-Known Member

    They are not wholemeal though lol, only brown :(
  9. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Well-Known Member

    And the brown synned are 5.5 and white only 5!!!!! X
  10. Chipsticks

    Chipsticks Well-Known Member

    I've heard these are lovely, wish we could have them as hexb

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