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WARNING This is not CD!!!!


Please kick my butt!!


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Absolutely tragic :cry:

the times I mentioned on minimins about the dangers of doing a DIY VLCD and I'm sure people think I'm scaremongering.

We had someone doing a cup a soup a day diet once.

Trouble is, people do die. There was a diet called the Last Chance diet that killed a few. Unfortunately people think they know when enough is enough, but it often doesn't work that way. The damage can be silent until it's too late :(

If anyone is going to do a VLCD, it's so important to do it properly. A researched method that's been tested and tested until it's proved safe...and then monitored.

Don't mess with your body. Life is so precious :(


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How do you know? Not disagreeing, just wondering what your source is, as if this gets into mainstream media I can see a lot of people pointing to it as 'evidence' that I/we shouldn't be doing CD and would like to know how it can be rebutted.

A CDC to explain why ketosis (as beloved of CD'ers) is different from acidoketosis would also be helpful?


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How do you know?
How do you know what? That she died, or that she was not doing Cambridge?

I think we can assume she died.

If she was on Cambridge, she wouldn't have been allowed to SS, long before she died. She would have to be on a higher plan. Also she would have had enough of the sugars they are talking about being the cause of death. Besides...the media have got hold of the story, and there is no doubt in my mind that if she had been doing Cambridge or lighterlife etc, they would have been only too happy to state that as the cause of death, and they didn't.


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It is very sad, I am from South Tyneside and used to live in Shields so it was all over our local paper.

She was a pretty girl and had a bright future, I know that some people become diet obsessed and take things too far.

We should be pleased we are following something that is giving us the right nutrients so this won't happen to us.
This story is awful I've just clicked onto the link as its the first I have heard about it and I also live in Shields

Charley who do you go to see Heather or Ashley?


Please kick my butt!!
How do you know? Not disagreeing, just wondering what your source is, as if this gets into mainstream media I can see a lot of people pointing to it as 'evidence' that I/we shouldn't be doing CD and would like to know how it can be rebutted.

A CDC to explain why ketosis (as beloved of CD'ers) is different from acidoketosis would also be helpful?
A collegue explained it today for me. Ketoacidosis happens when the body has no intake of protien and starts to eat the protein (flesh and organs) of the body. CD is a calculated "cocktail" of protein, vits, minerals ect that prevent this from happening. Ketosis is a result of low carbs or surgar (same thingreally in the grand scheme) and therefore reduces the cravings for them. CD is a monitored diet that has strict rules ie ss only for 12 weeks or less.
I get that people on the outside dont understand CD and think its unhealthy (and smelly) but for me like many others its a last resort.


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I'm just reading this story with my morning coffee. I immediately thought, "OMG, people are going to think this is what I did!" :eek:

The article (Daily Express) says:- "She was so starved of sugar or glucose - which is crucial to provide energy - that her body started to use its reserves of fat producing by-products called ketones, which are toxic if allowed to build up in the bloodstream". So you can say that CD contains a full complement of necessary nutrients if anyone tries to throw this one at you.

And at the end it says, :- "The process is behind many low carbohydrate diets, but health professionals warn that it should be used only in the short term - no longer than 14 days." This could be worse! At least they are not dissing the whole LCD diet movement.

I just wish this poor girl had been pointed in the direction of CD - if this isn't a good case for more advertising (hint hint!), I don't know what is! :(

PS. For a sensible and sympathetic piece of press coverage on CD, check this out:- Do 'very low calorie' milkshake diets work, and are they safe? - Times Online
- just wish there were more like that! :rolleyes:


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You go girl - clobber the doomsters! :D (I can't even be bothered myself as some people will never be convinced!) It's a bit like denouncing a film that you've never seen just because others say it's 'controversial' or something. One of my mottoes has always been "Don't knock it till you've tried it", but it still goes over many people's heads. :sigh:
Hi Charley - Ashley too for the 2nd time round... oops i will do it this Time, I'm also from Whitburn originally but live in Shields now - how did you get to hear about it - I only ask as I started this last year with 1 friend with Heather and we has loads of our friends in the end doing the diet (are you one of my friends??) hahaha


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I've been checking up on this story because I couldn't understand why she died of ketoacidosis.

Ketoacidosis can happen if you are diabetic or have consumed large amounts of alcohol. Neither of those were mentioned.

Lack of protein doesn't cause ketoacidosis, well..not directly. Anyway, my conclusions for those who are interested.

When we reduce carbs, the body makes ketones to help get energy. Those ketones build up to a certain level, but then there is a loop system that releases insulin to prevent too much of a build up which can cause ketoacidosis. Diabetics and alcoholics have a faulty loop back system. Others do not.

The lady must have been on a very low protein diet. She lost a huge amount of weight considering her BMI in a very short time. This points to a lack of protein as the fastest and silliest way to lose weight is to cut protein. Cut protein, you lose lean mass which is heavier in volume to fat.

She probably thought her diet was healthy enough. Maybe lots of fruits and veg, as many people think thats the only important thing...every else is just for fun;)

She cuts her protein, loses quickly (lean mass more than fat). Everything indicates to that happening.

Of course, lean mass is everything in your body minus the fat. So to keep her energy stores up and because of the lack of protein, her body turns to her lean for what it needs to function. Basically it cannibalizes itself.

As you lean mass is everything not fat, think bone, blood, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver etc.

So, it wasn't that the lack of protein caused the ketoacidosis, but indirectly it did. Her liver would have failed and ended up not being able to release the much needed insulin. Her loop back system would have possibly been just fine, but the organ that makes it happen had failed.

So ketoacidosis was the final nail in the coffin, rather than being a direct cause of death me thinks.

Fortunately we get enough protein in Cambridge, but a reminder to anyone thinking of doing a DIY VLCD...don't.

Too little protein can kill. Too much protein isn't healthy either as it strains the kidneys. It's a fine balance between them that keeps us well.
Hi Tinsel, I am originally from Shields and moved to Whitburn 2 and a half years ago, I don't think I know anyone called Heather !!!

Tis a small world isn't it !!!! I am sooo loving CD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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So sad to think it could have been avoided had she done a proper VLCD :(
My feelings exactly! Just think, if she had seen an advert for CD, she might have been alive today. (But hey, there aren't any! :mad: :sigh:)

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