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Washboard Chest


Silver Member

Hi Chaps,

You've all heard of the washboard stomach - something that is aspired to by men and women alike.

Well ................ I have developed a washboard CHEST :eek: and it aint pretty :eek: :eek: .

The weight has fallen off my top half and bones are exposed. I can see them and feel them. I don't mean just a nice bit of collar bone definition I mean the top ribs on the front - Yuk!!

Do you think that it will cover over in time?? I certainly hope so. I look like that recent photo of Cate Blanchett - I must stress I do not as yet have her flat stomach and pert bum!! So no need to shoot me.

I have been trying to visualization - i.e. when I exercise I imagine that the fuel I am using up is coming solely from my padded, flabby little tum and my 'still generous' buttocks. Lets hope it works and that I don't end up looking like a parsnip :D
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That's happened to me too. Perculiar. I wondered if it had something to do with the looseness of the skin generally which caused this effect. It is not particularly attractive, but I expect it to even out over the next few months.


Silver Member
I think it will all even out in the end - you'll fill out in some places and shrink in others until you're pretty even.

My poor boobs at the moment are just deflated - can't wait till they shrink a bit in the hopes they'll firm up some more!


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