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Watch out ladies, theres a new bride-to-be in town!!!PICKYS AS REQUESTED!

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Hello ladies and gent's!!

I'm back after a 'shortish' break from sw and dieting in general. I posted a while back, and said i wouldnt be around for a little bit. I was in a bit of a bad place with myself and it had all gotten a bit too much.

Anyways, im back now. Iv been away this weekend for a fabulous long weekend in Falmouth cornwall- somthing iv been looking forward too all year.. and to make it even more special.. im now engaged!!! Thats right, me.. i'm going to be mrs.Bishop!!!

Im very very excited, and of course- as soon as i got home i'v jumped online to tell you all the juicy goss.

So.. OH booked up our fave resteraunt (Harveys wharf) on Falmouths sea front/harbour side. We love it there, the views are beautiful, the food fab and the service is great. We'v been waiting all year to get away and go again so i was just pleased to be there. We'd ordered some fresh bread with oils and vinegars etc (naughty naughty) and were having a really lovley evening.. then Joe starts to get a big fidgety, .. he gets up and goes to the loo and when he comes back he's as white as a sheep :eek: i was concerned he was poorly (as we'd ended up in A&E thursday eve as joe had gotten a nasty bite and had poofed up! lol) .. and out of no where, he reachs down and pulls a box out of his sock LOL :p he pushes it across the table, holds my hand and ask's me to marry him!!!! I was so stunned, it took me a while to answer! of course i said yes- at which point one of the waitresses cottoned on and we were given champagne and really fussed over which made me feel really special :D
The ring, is beautiful.. its 18ct white gold, with half a ct diamond in the centre, with diamond shoulders. (i know this because i actually picked out the ring about two years ago, with wishful thinking- and he remembered!!!) I love it, i think its beautiful.

The saturday night after his parents came down and joined us for a celebratory meal (they were coming down anyways) there was more naughtyness.. and the resteraunt gave us even more champagne and for the first time in years.. i drank..and my god was i trollyed. Needless to say im still feeling it now, and i can safely say it'l be another few years before i hit the bottle again. I do not feel good for it!!!

Its been an amazing weekend, and we'v decided to have a cornish wedding in the castle not far from the resteraunt that's set in beautiful gardens in about 4 years time. Which suits me just fine..

However, on the less positive note- although my 'break' has done me so much good mentally i feel ready to tackle this- i have gained about a stone. No jokes.. iv been off plan for just over two weeks now, and i hopped on the scales to see a massive 16lb gain. Now my mothers scales are about 3lbs out, so i recon about a stone..and its not just my imagination- i cant actually fit in the majority of my size 10 clothes honest to god, i really struggled this weekend. Im not suprised, i usually gain 5lbs or so on a week off plan, so for two and a half weeks im not suprised.. a bit gutted but it had to be done, for my own sanity i think.

I weigh in properly on wednesday, but im officially back on track from tomorrow. Were planning a little engagement do in about a months time, i have another week in cornwall (self catering) in nov and were off to st.ives for xmas.. but aslong as i can lose 1lb a week till xmas that'l be me back to target, so i'd be genuinly happy. I think itl do me good to actually have a decent amount to lose again, instead of fussing over a couple of lbs here or there since being at target iv felt quite obbsessive- this almost feels natural.. to be so determined nothing can stop you and to genuinly know you have to loose wieght.. not just a few lbs that you know makes no difference really (i mean like 2lbs/3lbs above target)

so i'm back, im heavier, and my god do i feel it, but im lighter in my head and i am one happy girlie.. I CANNOT wait to be a bride. Im so proud of my OH for organising it all by himself and not even telling his mother!! (shocker:D haha)

so here we go, gunna loose some weight and be a beautiful slim bride to be..


P.s, what you all think of this dress (i couldnt help myself!!! LOL)
ferns dress.jpg
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big bear

A bear on a mission!
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OMG congrats hun how lovely, u deserve it & what a lovely way to propose.

Have u got a pick of the sparkler?

U enjoy it & sod it u can lose the lbs again



Bring On The New Me!
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Firstly a huge congratulations hunny!!!!!! Im also a bride to be hence the pic there <<<< lol... Love the dress its beautiful...
I only started last wednesday on this diet and im hoping i loose weight hehe! Im getting married 20.8.11. So have a while fingers crossed eh!
Good luck hunny im sure you can do it :D
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
aww thanks guys.. il pop some pickys up of the ring, my ones dont do it any justice, so il find you the official picky from the goldsmiths website :)

it wont allow me to just upload the picky, so it'l have the price too..

18ct Gold 0.50ct Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring | 06011838 | Rings | Engagement | Goldsmiths Jewellers

i love it :)

*Anewme* our starting weight is more or less the same (when i first started obvs lol) if i can do it, you can do.. and you can certainly do it by the big day if you work hard enough!!! your dress looks beautiful!!!
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Congratulations Fern! :love047: Way to go!
I'm the glad the time off SW has made you feel less stressed. You'll get that extra weight off in no time. Brilliant news about the upcoming nuptials! XXX


Bring On The New Me!
S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Wow what a BEAUTIFUL ring hun! Hope i can loose the weight have been trying for years! Always had weight problems. So far so good i think :D
Thanks hun look forward to chatting more. xx
welcome to the Bride to Be club Ferny - xxxx so excited for you - :) im over halfway there now - just got to shift the other 3.5 stone to go - and ive got a year to go now :)

why you not getting wed for 4 years? that sounds a very specific timeframe !!!!



Will be slinky!
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Huge congratulations! <3

So happy for you :)

Good luck in getting the weight off :) I'm sure it'll be off in no time if you're in the zone. The dress is lovely! <3
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
We decided 4 years as we decided next year we would go on some holidays etc, and do all the things that we need to do before we start saving for a wedding and then a house.

SO, next year for holidays and treats, the year after we'l save and put a deposit down for the venue (as we need to book 2 years in advance if we want pendennis castle in cornwall, or leigh court, here in bristol ) Both are equally amazing, although nothing you can find online for pendennis castle does in any justice at all.

then we'l have two years to really get planning and saving/paying for..

Then after we'l be saving to buy our house, as we rent at the mo.



Likes to eat.........alot
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Awwww Fern, I'm so chuffed for you, I really am!

The ring link didn't work for me :( but I'm sure it will be lovely!

Big massive congrats sweetheart xxx
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Congratulations to you both - what an exciting weekend you've had.
The ring is lovely, and the dress is beautiful xx


Silver Member
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wahooo massive congratulations, another minimins bride to be! You will all look fantastic in your wedding dresses I am certain x


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Aw Congrats to you both!

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness for your future :D



No Coffee, No Workee
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Congratulations Fern! :party0011:
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Wow - what a sparkler! And what a beautiful dress. Congratulations Fern XXX


Too big to fail
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Congrats! Enjoy this very special time in your life - it's lovely soaking up all the good wishes and fuss. Your ring is beautiful xxxxxx

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