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Water advice please


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Hi all. i am sure i have read threads or stickys about the water intake before but i cant find any to refer back to :(

I know how much i should be having at least 2 litres...right

but i am really struggling to drink even half that. i have never been a person that drinks a large amount of anything, however i do know in the back of my mind if i am not drinking enough there could be an awful lot of problems besides lower weight loses.

i really just kind of need some advice about what happens and how dangerous it really is not to drink enough water...maybe then that will MAKE me drink the water.

grrrrr diet is brill apart from that i dont feel hungry, but i do want the best possible results.

thanks guys
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You really need to get that minimum amount is all i can say really


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I dont know what the problems with be from not drinking water, but im sure KD or some one will be around soon to let you know.

Although I know that water is essential to flush out ketones etc etc


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Hi, I can't remember all the medical stuff but it is best to drink at least 2 Litres a day normally,let alone when on a VLCD. The benefits to your skin are amazing!

The only advice I can offer is to have a bottle of water with you at all times and sip from it every 5 mins. When I started I struggled to manage 2l now I find I am thirsty and need about 3l. The only thing you mustn't do is try to drink too much too quickly, spread it out over the day. When I'm at work I try to drink between half a litre and a whole litre between each of my breaks and the start and end of day.

Try to increase gradually and your body will get used to taking more fluid in. Good luck.



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Here you go- Dehydration is serious, and even mild cases should be immediately addressed. Low fluid levels can affect your mind’s ability to concentrate, reduces energy levels, and may prevent organs from functioning efficiently. In a dehydrated state, the body is unable to cool itself; this can lad to heat exhaustion and possibly heat stroke. Dehydration also leads to muscle fatigue and a loss of coordination. On the inside, even mild dehydration can affect your mind’s ability to concentrate; it can result in lowered energy levels, and can prevent organs from functioning efficiently. A dehydrated body is unable to cool itself, which can quickly lead to heat exhaustion and eventually a heat stroke. Prolonged dehydration results in muscle fatigue and a loss of coordination. This is important for athletes and those in charge of caring for children.Your body sends signal to let you know when you are dehydrated. Since we are made-up of two-thirds water, even a 1% loss of fluid can result in the earliest dehydration symptom, thirst. At a loss of 2 – 5% of your body’s fluid, you can experience dry mouth, flushed skin, fatigue, headache and decreased physical performance. A 6% loss produces an increased body temperature, heavier breathing and elevated pulse rate. An 8% loss of water results in dizziness, increased weakness and labored breathing. At a 10% decrease, you body signals that there is immediate danger with muscle spasms, a swollen tongue, and possible delirium. When you reach an 11% loss of fluid you experience poor blood circulation and decreased kidney function. The internal consequences of dehydration continue to worsen as fluid loss increases. A 20% loss of body fluid is considered the bare survival rate. Dehydration affects you on the outside first with dry skin and cuticles. We’ve all experienced “ashy” skin as a result of mild dehydration. If left untreated or if dehydration occurs often, the skin begins to show signs of aging – wrinkles, dullness, skin seems loose, less firm. The pinch test tells if you have dehydration, pinch a small amount of skin and pull it upward. If the skin stays instead of returning immediately to a taught, flat position, you are experiencing loss of fluids. To treat dehydration, drink, drink, drink. Water is, of course, important. If you are ill and having trouble keeping water down, try ice chips first. Avoid juices and sports drinks that are high in sugar content. (Sugars make diarrhea worse.) Opt for Pedialite if water isn’t enough to rehydrate you. If dehydration has been sustained for a long period or if you are experiencing severe symptoms of dehydration, seek medical help.

We normally get 'enough' fluid intake with our foods and regular drinks- but because we don't eat on LT- it is vital we take in enough 'extra' water to prevent any problems through dehydration. HTH?


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S: 18st8lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 5st1lb(27.31%)
cheers for that guys....better get glugging

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