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Water falvouring?

Firstly i'd like to say what a friendly forum this seems to be, i've enjoyed reading all the posts and tips :)

I'm into my 3rd day of Exante, and it's going well :)

I lost 6 stone with LL and although very happy with where i was, i've decided i want to lose a bit more :)
The cost of LL was a sticking point at the moment, so after seeing this sub forum, i decided to try Exante.

I am wondering if anyone knows of any water flavouring that i can use? With LL i used to buy theirs (not cheap but it was nice to have something other than plain water)

Thanks :)

podge x

btw if anyone is wondering whether to do this or LL, i actually prefer the taste of Exante, i couldnt stomach the LL soups, where as i've actually enjoyed the ones ive tried of Exante already :) and of course this is less than 1/2 the price if you go for a bumper pack :D
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You've done so well on LL! Money was what brought me here too. Good luck!
Hi - I'm on day 3 too. I'm sure I saw some water flavourings on ebay - I think they were advertising them as similar to LL ones. Don't know how safe they'd be though.
Good Luck!
Well, I did CD in 2007 and was obsessed with their Sunshine Orange water flavouring. When I did LT before my wedding, I had some left over and used that and it did not impede my weight loss one iota.

Now Im using my leftover LT packs in combo with my Exante packs. I ordered some water flavourings off ebay to see what they were like and I got hold of some of the W8 ones which contain Malic Acid and Im thoroughly in ketosis and losing weight nicely. What I am also doing is drinking small cans of Coke Zero occasionally as when I did CD, my counsellor said we could have it as a treat. I know the rules have changed but Im doing it still. Im sure plenty of people on here will think what I am doing its wrong, but its working for me.

Luckily, my SIL has started CD and has bought me my old favourite - Sunshine Orange....beeeeyootiful.
Thanks for all your comments :) and good luck to all us new starters :D

Debbi, thanks for all that info :) For me though, i have to be really strict with myself, and i know that if i was 'eating' then i don't know if i'd be able to stop at just a few nuts etc. Didn't know about the flavoured water so will def give that a go :)

POP, sunshine orange was my favourite too :D and i too enjoy a can (or 2) of coke zero too :D

podge x
I'm like you podge, need to strictly TFR. After all the reason why most of us are choosing to do it is because we think a little extra wouldn't hurt. What you are doing Debbie is kinda like CD sole source plus/ 800 programme.

I wouldn't recommend getting ready-flavoured water from the shops, just in case you got the wrong type or there were other ingredients that could knock you out of ketosis. I literally cannot wait to get my mitts on my sunshine orange!!!!
If you do a good search there are several threads in the recent past, (I think one of which is entitled 'drinks', or similar) where there are posts re ketosis-compatible drinkies.

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