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Water Flavourings Advice Please

I'm looking too,let me know if you get an answer!

Good luck xx
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Ive tried ebay but could only get the W8 ones which werent my cup of tea.

Luckily, my SIL is doing CD and her CDC lets her buy extra water flavourings for me. I couldnt do it without them!

Good luck in your quest!
I got some off ebay which is the w8 one - but truthfully I much prefer the perfectly clear strawberry and kiwi water - it contains malic acid not citric acid. I'm not sure how much you can drink, but I drink plenty and it doesn't seem to have impeded my weight loss. Like yourselves I could not do without it!
All the best
What Yes I Can said.

I have been scouring the shelves for flavoured water which don't contain citric acid and I now have quite a good selection to choose from usually. I probably drink around a litre of flavoured water a day as well as my plain water, sometimes more, and I also have the odd coke zero every now and again for variety.

The ones I have found so far are:

Perfectly Clear strawberry & kiwi
Perfectly Clear apple
Sainsburys peach
Sainsburys raspberry & cranberry
Tescos strawberry

They are all still. Sainsbury's also do a strawberry & kiwi which is sparkling, which I have as a treat but not too often cos I find it can give me really bad wind! :eek:

I think it maybe also depends how far into the diet you are. At first I was absolutely rigid about what I could have, these days I am a lot more flexible. I drink diet coke on nights out quite often, and if none of the above are available I will sometimes have a flavoured water that contains citric acid - so far this hasn't had any major impact on my losses that I can see.

As far as the citric acid thing goes I you probably need to experiment. Apparently it's bad cos it can knock some people out of ketosis, but as long as I am careful it doesn't seem to be doing me any harm. :)

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