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Water Flavourings affecting weight loss?

Ok this is not a conspiracy theory, and I know that you're supposed to be able to have unlimited water flavourings.

But the last two weeks my losses have been slower, since I started having the water flavourings. I know it's natural to have some slow weeks and some more though so that's not enough proof on it's own I don't think.
But also the ketostix at weigh in are coming up medium not dark like all the other weeks before, again since taking water flavourings.
I stopped having them over the weekend and on my scales I've dropped 6lb since stopping them.

Before anyone says anything about weighing on my own scales I know it's bad, but I could feel a big change in my size and I wanted to see if I'd lost. I also weigh once in the morning before weigh in, so I know it's not just the difference between LLC's scales and mine: the 6lb drop is from the weigh on my scales on saturday.

Anyway back to my point, is it possible that the flavourings are affecting my ketosis and thus weight loss?
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TBH I don't know the answer, but I have all my water with flavourings and have never had a problem.

There could be other factors or you could just be sensitive to them. The only way is to experiment. Introduce them again in a week or 2 and see what happens.

Re ketostix, medium is actually better than dark. Medium means you are diluting the ketones rather than them being concentrated. Dark generally means you are not drinking enough.
I would say it's medium now as you're more hydrated? I know I drink a lot more water when I use the flavourings and my readings are always lighter when I've drank more. As westie says it's better to be medium than dark xXx
re: the hydration thing. Really good point but as my WI is in the morning I have always drunk just one pint of plain water about an hour and a half before WI. However the first week I was medium I'd drunk 2 pints to see if it was dehydration causing dark ketostix, but last week I just drunk the one pint and it was medium again?
Maybe it's the previous days intake affecting it now too especially if you've been drinking more? Not that I know anything about these things lol

Emma xXx


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I have used the water flavourings all the time since starting LL, hot and cold drinks. I had good losses over the first four weeks but I have had lower losses the last couple of weeks. I was considering dropping the flavourings, but since I have not changed my use of them over the time I don't think they can be affecting my loss rate. It may be because I am walking a lot more now.

Medium definitely better than dark. Ketone quantity probably the same but less diluted (ie dehydrated) when dark.

Weight loss is largely psychological so go with whatever you feel works, but keep the water intake high. I'm sure you will see a great loss this week.
Yeah I've read it LS - that's part of my point really, my natural keto colour seemed to be dark (and LLC was happy with that) until I started the water flavourings..

I think I'm going to experiment around a bit, some weeks have it some weeks not and see if it makes a difference, I do know what you mean FYM bout drinking more when there's a water flavouring in there, it may be that after all!
I meant in general ls :p I know you always had darker ones. It's my experience I'm talking about as I always know when I've not drank enough as my tests darker :p and I know I drink more with the flavourings so although her result has been v dark up to now it could just be lighter due to more water :p.

I would say to cut them out for a couple of weeks but make sure you still drink the same amount and see what happens?



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Must have been to me then! :eek:
Aww ls I just didn't want people to think I was criticising (sp?) them for anything I wasn't trying to get at you :(.

Emma xXx


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I could not down this much water without the flavours! And like yummy said, they make me thirsty too. I know they have a mild laxative effect to them which helps but I think it's something you have to experiment with yourself.

Flavour = lots of water = more weightloss

No flavour = not so much water = less weightloss

Those are my equations anyway.
Meh I don't mind it without flavour.. it was just for something different, but with flavour I tend to drink it much much faster so probably not good.. water wheel and all..


Surgically happy.
I am convinced that the flavourings can affect some people.

In the first 16 weeks, I used flavourings for 4 isolated weeks. They were my 4 lowest losses in that 16 week period.

Last week, where I put on 0.1kilos, I used flavourings for the first time in 7 weeks.

It could be that the extra calories have an effect - it could be that I used too much (not sure of that though given that I was using half to 2/3rds of a tub a week).

I'm finished with the flavourings for good (including this week).
I have the flavourings and it doesn't seem to have affected me but as Andy said it could be an individual thing, may affect/may not. It's trial and error like others have said cut them out and assess the situation over a period of time.
One other thing I notice with the water flavourings... They make me f*rt a lot more....?? Does anyone else get this, or is it just me?! Wondering now if it's a sign of my sensitivity to them??
No they do that to me too although this diet makes me do that a lot more anyway but it's a lot worse with the flavourings! Sooo embarrassing, at least I amuse the kids :p

Emma xXx


Surgically happy.
They make you fart because they contain malitol which is used in low carb foods and diabetic chocolate. Overdose on this and you'll spend the day on they toilet. When I did atkins the diabetic chocolate was a fine line between eating and pain that I rode daily LOL.


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SerenityValley said:
"it could be that I used too much (not sure of that though given that I was using half to 2/3rds of a tub a week)."
That seems like a hell of a lot... I bought a tub of FOTF water flavouring in week two, and I am only just getting to the bottom of it now... and it's been about six months!! I am only about half way through the St Clements one too.. (bought at same time).
Not sure how on earth you get through so much each week - no wonder it may have affected you...!

Hope you are all well - me xx


Is back in the saddle!
I'm in week 8 and have just this morning opened tub 3.

I also think the diet as a whole gives you wind, both ends!!

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