Water Flavourings


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aMny meals contain citric acid on most vlcd's we have looked at this before as well as spoke to slim & save and they assure the qty of citric acid is not a problem.

I use around 3 per day when I have it (dont always have it in the house) but when ive used it regular never been out of ketosis.


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Yeah, even the spag bol has some citric acid in it if you study the ingredients, as do some of the Exante products. As girlsbig says these are in such small quantities in these products it's not likely to make a difference, however some people have reported being kicked out of ketosis when having drinks containing citric acid so the best thing to do is see how it goes for you personally. I don't suppose it will be problem for many people to be honest.


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I bought both flavours but am enjoying the water on its own, maybe because I have only managed to drink 1 litre today.


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I brought all the flavours as normally I hate water on it's own. However, since starting this I've been fine with it. Maybe it's because I'm not at home and so it's totally different water (our water at home is a fish killer, literally).


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I always have fizzy water at home and a sport bottle of still at work and out and about. The citrus flavour was nice with dinner but actually the water is going down fine!