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Water flavourings......

My CDC had all her water with the flovour in so she thinks its ok.
Really???? I think I love you!


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Well, what I do is split the 1 teaspoon allowence into 3 litres.. if you don't mind it weak it's nice like that!


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Are the flavourings quite a nice taste?

I am finding it hard to get the water down! I easily drink loads more than I used to but trying to shift 3 litres is a nigh on impossibility for me.

I substitute with coke zero - i know i know - and thats to me is better than nothing. My CDC drank coke zero all through and maintained good losses.

Welcome your responses to the flavours and whats this bouillion business???

Thanks in advance



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Hi Diva

The water flavors are lovely, I find that 1 teaspoon per litre of water makes it far too sweet so I just sprinkle about a quarter in and it it makes water much easier to slip down.. also I make it was half cold water and half hot so it's like a comforting warm drink!

Boiullion is like veggie stock that you can make into a warm drink - it's nice for a change and you can get it at tesco I think, and health food shops


Striving to be good.....
Thanks Roosters....

i will give it a try.... i find plain water sometimes is too much hard work.

Does anyone else find that if they drink lots of water they get acid indigestion?

Twice i have had rip roaring heartburn and on both occasions I have had a large large drink of water beforehand.
Only thing i can think of is that its lifted my stomach juices..... oooooh i was in agony one day but wouldnt take anything lest it shot me out of ketosis!

(Lest???? omg.... shakespearean?)

I will try the flavours and the bouillion for a change...

thanks ladies

Michelle x
The water flavours are lovely, and really good for staving off sweet cravings!


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i have 2 litres of flavoured water , plus i use another teaspoon to make my yummy jelly.
i also have 2 cups of boullion a day and 2 litres plain filtered water.
the jelly has to be my favourite of the day and tomorrow im going to make some banana tetra ice cream to go with it.
I didn't know there was a limit to how much flabourings we were allowed- i've been knocking back litres of the stuff all week!- could that be why i PUT ON 1/4 lbs this week?!?! :eek:(
I've never heard of a limit, I drink about 2-3 litres a day
Wow this is news to me. I had no idea there was a restriction - can anyone explain why please?


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I was told it had to be limited because of extra calories. 1tsp per day.
You can have 1/2 or 1 tsp per litre of water.
Bouillon is also 1/2 or 1 tsp per mug.

I get marigold reduced salt bouillon as its 1.75 a pot from tesco. CD veg flavouring is 6.40 - both taste nice.
i dont limit my flavourings was told it'll be ok by my CDC and thank god cause i've gone and left mine at work today and trying to get that last litre down without any is crap
how much does every body else use? i use quite a bit in mine as like it really really sweet, bit like fizzy drink x
The amounts 'allowed' are waterflavourings sweet 1 teaspoon per day to a litre of water. CD Savoury Veg Water flavouring 1 teaspoon per day to a mug of water.

When the waterflavourings were first launched there was no limit. Over time it was found that it could and did affect weightloss in some individuals.

The limit was put in place a couple of years ago.

The Veg flavouring has always and still is only 1 teaspoon per day.


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How big are the CD water flavour pots? if u use 1tsp a day how long will it last?

Lea xx

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