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Water in foodpacks!


Enjoying life!
I am going through a bit of a funny with the packs.

I tend to stick to the vanilla shake and have it with coffee in for breakfast and around 1900 but I am not at the stage of making it with 600 mls of water!

I have always made it with 350 then got to 400 then 500 and now 600! I just need it thinner and thinner all the time.

I could do with a change of pack not cos I dislike it but every now and again, it's like ugh "again" but I can't do the banana, chocolate or strawberry so I guess nilla it is! lol

I have one bar a day - depends on mood as to which one, peanut used to be my fav but I sometimes like the cranberry and raspberry although today it was too sweet!

I thought I liked the toffee but nooooooooo and yesterday decided I didn't like the fruit either!

I have a thai chilli soup, dry as poppadoms mostly and occasionally as soup later on in the evening. I may try mushroom aain next week although the chicken makes good poppadoms!

Anyway, enough about that!

Enjoy :)

Kat xx
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Enjoying life!
Thanks BL - I do have the orange and the forest fruits flavours so I will try that. I have tried to like peppermint tea, maybe I will try it in a nilla shake and see how I go.

I tried to make a strawberry one better last week with coffee in (ugh) vile! Learnt a lesson there ha ha

I am definately enjoying them with more water in though!

Kat xx

sukie sue

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hey kat , ive always made mine with more water, love love love the banana hot with a couple of sweetners, about 500ml water , mm the best !! do the choc like that too xx


Enjoying life!
I find the banana way too sweet let alone with sweetners in! lol As for the chocolate - blerghh kill me! I have tried it twice, several weeks apart and no can do!! ha ha

Kat xx

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