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Water Intake On Lipotrim!


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I sent an email to Lipotrim and this is what I recieved back in January.

Be careful. There is some dangerous nonsense in the chat rooms. Usually 3 litres is fine, but not more than 4
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From: Mini Mins
Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2008 11:50 AM
Subject: Question How Much Water?
I have a question concerning how much water is recommended while on the Lipotrim Pharmacy Programme.
The minimum is 4 pints (2.5 litres) and how much more water would it be safe to take on top of this.
Thanking you

" In addiction to the water used to mix your diet, you must drink at least four pints of water each day - drink more if possible. See your carrier bag for information on how to make up the Lipotrim formula and for the list of permitted drinks. The foods we normally eat are made up of large amount of water. You will not be getting an adequate amount of water unless you purposefully drink it. It is advisable to drink a glass of water before and after each Lipotrim serving. Drinking should be frequent throughout the day, not all at once."
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At present you are drinking the minimum which is 4 pints (2.5 litres), so anything after this is a bonus, Lipotrim recommend 3 litres but not more than 4 litres.

I know it can be very confusing and this is why I sent them an email and you can see their short reply below.

Be careful. There is some dangerous nonsense in the chat rooms. Usually 3 litres is fine, but not more than 4
Just sip the water and you should be fine, it's dangerous to drink too much water at once like someone mentioned above. A glass here and there should be significant :)
im glad this is cleared up im very confused about the water intake my pharmasist said the more u drink the better but clearly this is not true ha
I was informed that ANY water after what you use in your shakes can be counted in ur minimum of 4 pints a day. So what Im led to believe is yes when u have coffee or tea u can count this as some of ur water intake!!


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I have been drinking an average of 5 litres from 7.30 am to 00.30. Is this wrong?
I wasn't going to go too deep into this here, but i think i need to.

I wrote a paper a few years ago on the dangers of taking ecstasy, & drinking too much water... but water intoxication is a danger in certain circumstances regardless of substances in the body.

Originally i wrote that 3 litres (under the advisement of a doctor) was the minimum that someone could suffer water intoxication, but i see it says differently here.

Anyway, it's worth a read.

Water intoxication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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That's it settled then.... I am cutting back to 4 litres max!
That's it settled then.... I am cutting back to 4 litres max!
Yeah - I might keep an eye on this myself. I'd say that i've probably been hitting around 3 litres per day, but i'll have to watch it carefully.
I'm drinking 5 litres a day easily, some days more, some days slightly less. I've not had any problems.

Personally as long as your not forcing water down I dont see a problem. I know several bodybuilders who drink 8 litres+ a day. Personal preferance though I suppose.


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Thanks for that...I cut back to between 3 and 4 litres and felt really dehydrated and miserable so am back up to 5 litres again and feel great again
Just remember the colder the water the more calories you will burn! The body needs to warm the water up before processing so its using calories!

Try drinking water from when you first wake up in small ammounts throughout the day. I'm never more than 10ft away from a litre bottle of water (i carry one with me at all times).

It is possible that the reason that they recomend drinking this ammount of water is because when drinking lots of water it is possible to flush out the vitamins and minerals that are used during the shakes. For this reason it's recomended to seperate the shakes out accross the day. Most people who train hard take a multivitamin first thing in a morning and last thing at night. This way the water isnt flushing out all the vitamins. 5 litres of water a day generally wouldnt cause this, if you have been drinking it for several days your body would adjust to it anyway. It wouldnt "hold" the water as some think.

Its common with bodybuilding that many bodybuilders drink LOTS of water (10litres +) for several weeks before the compotition and on the last day/two days drink very little. Because the body "adjusts" to such a large intake of water it still excretes water quickly and on the final two days they are carrying very little water for competition, making muscles look harder and skin tighter. I wouldnt recomend doing this on this program though.

Water intake is critical on a diet like this though. Ketosis can cause a breakdown of calcium in the body. Without enough water the calcium gets deposited in the kidneys and can not be gotten rid of. This can in some cases cause kidney stones. As such a good intake of water is critical on this diet. Googling for water intake, especially using wikipedia, isnt the best idea. A website with good nutrition information on it (from actual nutritionists) is one such as bodybuilding dot com.

The recomendations on this diet are for sedetary people who do not exercise as well. If you do exercise you should increase your water intake to cope with perspiration.

Hi Mini, Just started the Lipotrim Diet and I was told to drink between 2 to 2.5 litres of water a day and no more as you can retain water.This can make you seam heavier at weigh in. Stick to what it says on the Lipotrim bags.


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I think i agree with MYK-22. I cut back my water and was totally dehydrated. I have always drank the minimum of 2 litres a day. I say go with whatever makes you feel better.
i add more than what is advised in my shakes to make them bit thinner with 2 tablets of slimmer and few ice cubes to give me real taste of shakes..

will this effect the weight loss process as i m making a bit of chnge in shakes..???


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Not sure what the 'slimmer tablets' are that you are using so can't comment on that. However, adding extra water to the shakes will do you no harm whatsoever.

Just still drink the minimum of 2 litres of water on top of that a day.

Lisa x

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