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Water lark


Getting there!!!
haha,think your right hun! how many litres would you drink a day? i feel a little bloated tonight :(
Triv I try to drink three ltrs I have today but jeez I have serious water belly now. If it works I'll keep doin it tho I suppose not had a headache since doin the tfr n I used to get them all the time. X


Getting there!!!
yea me too,im on my 4th now,extra thirsty today! im so nervous about tomorrow,have my weigh in!


Full Member
I have done just over 3ltrs today, and my I can even hear the water inside my belly when I lie down lol
Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow Trivenam:) xx
lol, luckily my loo is downstairs... but i do have to walk far of a nite time.....
im struggling today with my water iv only just done over 2 ltr,


Getting there!!!
thanks zeldas! im a little bit more optimistic now,just this bloating :(
I only manage the bare 2 ltrs a day :(
I think everyone must struggle getting three litres down tbh i glp the last litre just so I know iver achieved all three, but i suppose i need to start evening it out after each shake.....ha optimisim
well I have been 100% again yesterday but today i woke up feeling hungry, its passed now after 2 coffee's I just hope I make it all day
Good luck to everyone who are getting weighed today and everyone else for the week :)
gem, do you not have a sink downstairs? lol
ive managed better today, got 2 and a half litres down before finishin work so dont have loads to drink tonight. It says on the bag to sip it regularly but theres no chance of doin that at work. I cant stop weein though lol

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