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Water retention???

Does anyone know why I could be suffering from water retention? :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

I thought only women suffered from it?

Is there anything I can do to stop it happening? I've got scales that tell me how much H2o I have and how much fat I've lost Etc, and I've gone from 48.1% water to almost 51.8%?? I know that 50% is the ideal water to have but it just doesn't seem to stop, and it's not helping with losing weight.

I'm on SS.

I'd love any help on this subject.

Many thanks

Dan xxxx
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You can get water balance pills that women take during thier totm that stop you retaining water but I don't know if you can take them on cd.


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You may do...lol

Anyone can take them. They are quite effective, you can get them at any chemist. They are not too expensive either. Good luck with that
You should not take any form of diuretic whilst on the diet unless prescribed by the GP. If prescribed we recommend either they are stopped or a potassium supplement be given.

CD causes natural diuresis and you could lose too much potassium if you use a diuretic this in turn can affect your muscles and cause hypotension.

Best thing for water retention is to drink more water.
I know the level is quite normal - but if its increasing and you are concerned -?
Lets get to the detail
Before increasing fluid - rule out outflow obstruction
Input output chart will help
Do you have any outflow problems ie
pain on passing
weak flow
unsatisfied feeling after passing
bloated sensation that doesn't go after passin urine
hesitation - when get to toilet cant pass.

Constipation also can cause retention as can some medication
Sorry may have gone too far -
If you are on CD and you need to take any medication or there is a change in your health, you need an operation or any dental work, you should let your CDC know so they can advise or seek advice for you.

If you are about to go on CD ensure you disclose any medical condition or medication, recent ops, planned ops, dental work etc to your CDC so you get the best advice before starting your weightloss.
Both really if you have GA or LA you should really be on a food programme beforehand as if having an op.

Even for extractions you need to follow 1200 afterwards whilst healing and if stitches are present even longer.

Just normal dental work can make you feel unwell as the injections have adrenalin in them.

I have asked for new protocol around this hopefully it will appear shortly.

So bottom line is anything at all dental or medical mention to CDC at time of starting or if already on a programme asap.

Also do not give blood whilst on CD as the viscosity and density of the blood is different.

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