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Water - still thirsty


Hate it but doing it!
Snap, i've been doing this for 4 weeks now and in the last couple of weeks i've been really really thirsty and i've had dry lips which used to be a good indicator that i was dehydrated.
My counsellor said that i should just drink more water but i'm being really good and have had 10 pints for the last few days, i physcially cannot drink any more.
I have no idea why so i'd be interested to hear what other people have to say!!
Well, maybe you are just recognising that you are feeling thirsty and you are not familier with that - but as they say often times when we felt hunger, what we really were feeling was thirst....so it may be a sign that youa re actually recognsing what you body wants - liquid rathar then food.

Before LL, you may have felt that and grabbed a nibble, but since you can't now, you are more aware of what you really feel, that being the need for hydration? Does that make sense?

ALso, drinking water does stimulate thirst as well - I think that's natural. :)

Deb G

Silver Member
Apparently once your body gets used to having water regularly, it stops holding onto it, which means that you are more likely to feel thirsty, even if you're drinking lots more than you did in the past. I find that I regularly drink 5 litres a day now - the last one due to thirst in the evenings, whereas I doubt I ever got 2 litres down me in the past!

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