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Water to aid weight loss?

Yes yes yes . . I hate it with a passion but I force it down . Try half a glass before every hot drink and meal it's more do - able then :) x

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Without doubt it makes a big difference, getting it down though, thats the problem. Why is it so difficult to drink enough water? we need water, it should be such a simple thing to do. When i read threads like this i go into the kitchen and get myself a pint glass of water to sip at. I wish i could remember to do it all the time!
I struggle with drinking water too. I hate it, but lately I've been having headaches and drinking water helps. What I do these days is to have a big glass of water on my desk all the time so I can easily reach for it when I feel thirsty. Seeing an empty glass on my desk also reminds me that I need to drink water and I have to refill that glass.
I hate water with a passion too, but I find it helps a lot with my weight loss. Also I am constantly dehydrated, so I need to drink more for my health X_X


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I would try Crystal Light! :) I use Crystal Light and I know I drink a lot more water because of the flavoring.

And it DOES help to drink water, especially if you drink it before and during meals. This helps one feel fuller sooner and the digestive tract works more efficiently.

Good luck! :wavey:


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I got a 500ml bottle of water from the shop, the one with those sucky tops and then I kept the bottle and fill it up regulary with water, fizzy water or no added sugar squash, I think cos it's a sucky top it's easier to drink a lot without realising it.


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Herbal teas, add some flavour to your water without the calories. Or put some ice in it, more water because of the ice and really cold water is so um um good.
I hate ice cold water too!! Can't stand it when there's ice in my drink haha, prefer room temp water :)
Exactly thankfully the water on the bar at the gym Is perfect for me . Surprisingly everyone else runs to the cooling machines . However when I am exercising and giving the treadmill what for I do need it cold x

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water definatly helps! Im the same in that im always dehydrated so should drink more anyway.
I've increased my water intake 100% since I commenced WW 3 weeks ago. I like to add a spolsh of Ribena no added sugar to mine cos I can't stand the taste. I have a pint of water and water bottle on my desk at work to keep me going and like to fill both up twice in an 8-6 day.


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I'm trying to get organised with my water intake, I keep forgetting. I found an android app called drinking water which reminds you to have a glass. I've had 5 8oz glasses so far today so it's working for me. I have no trouble drinking it in summer but struggle the ready of the week.


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I always have a bottle of water by my side when at home and carry one when I may happen to go out. I find having a relatively big bottle of water to drink from with you're at home makes it easier than having to keep reminding yourself to go and get a glass of water. Once the bottle is empty, fill it up and start again.

Do find that in this colder weather, keeping up with water consumption makes you need the loo more though haha.

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