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Water, Water & More Water.. :0)


Back On CD.......
Hiya Guys & Girls, :D

Wanted to ask how much water do you all drink on a daily basis & how much of any other fluids such as tea/coffee etc are you drinking?!?!?!?

Have you noticed a difference in your weekly losses depending on how water your drinking..

Thanks ..

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Team 1 all the way!
I try to drink 3 litres of water, plus coffee a day.
I am not sure if it makes a diff to weight loss so I'm going to aim for 4litres this week and see if that makes a diff...watch this space!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I have been busy guzzling water since before starting back on CD. I must admit I don't measure it but drink ALOT.. probably about 12 glasses (tall) a day) if not more. I find it a bit demoralising to measure it all and find if I have bottles of the amount I'll finish them and then not want more..

I did have a coke zero last night and after 3 weeks found it far too fizzy and it seemed to bloat me out... for a 'coke' addict (as in coca-cola) this is something I tell you! :D

Someone mentioned about water being 'fat burning fuel' and I do think this is true.. if you think that every glass if flushing out more fat then it becomes a lot easier! :)
I drink 4 litres a day of water. No tea or coffee but my CDC said that I could have one can of coke zero a day, so I have one on the days that I want one, maybe 4 times a week.
I lost 10lb in week 1 and today is wi but don't think that it will show much (totm).
I try to have 3 litres, and hot drinks but I didn't yesterday and today am really suffering from a massive headache boohoo

My friend who is a nearly reg cdc sent me some really interesting stuff on fluids ect

I found that in the week leading to coming on I used to drink more water and that used to combat it.....I know it sounds weird that drinking more is the answer but it really is as it forces your body to flush it through. (with regards to TOTM)

Did you know that the average mug of coffee weighs 1lb in weight
......you try it.

Put a mug on the scales and set it back to zero. Then fill the mug up with water and you will be amazed at just how much it weighs. (telling me about what I drink before weigh in can have effect on my losses)

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
In general I have 3 to 4 litres of water a day, plus I have extra water in my shakes (I dont like them thick) and I normally have at least 1 green tea in the evening.......yes I wee for England but I figure I use lots of calories getting up and down to go to the loo:D

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