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water water water!!!

hey, any1 else finding it hard to drink so much water? ive been having about 2 liters per day but 2day just realized that i haven't even finished my 1.2 liter bottle yet.
soon as i have a drink im on the loo, feel like ive lived there the last few days.
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some days i feel like im never gonna drink enough and others i can drink 4 litres. i always aim for over 3 litres anyway. coz it gives me more energy and stops headaches. i just carry litre bottles everywhere now an have them finished faster if its not a big 2 litre bottle. them sports cap bottles make it easier aswell.


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ah you will get used to it and so will your body. You wont pee as much, believe me :) hehe
hopefully i'll get use to it soon. im not use 2 drinking unless im thirsty and then i use 2 drink juice.
i find that when im out and about i can drink for england but when at home im just not interested. oh well, gotta keep forcing it.
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To be honest I am not drinking alot either. I just can't manage it but I do have 1.5 aday or more.
hi jesi, glad it not only me. think as long as we're still losing weight should be ok.
gonna aim to drink 2 liters 2moro.
x x
i`m like you jenny, i struggle too, i havent had 1.5 litres yet 2day, so im guna try and get to 3ltr before bedtime which means il be up all night peeing... oh the joys of trying to get thin eh !!!
lol claire, hate waking up needing a wee. try my best to go back to sleep but it never works.
just finished my 1.2L bottle and grabbed another one. be up for another hour so will try and drink a little more before then.
WI 2moro, woohoo, only bout 11 hours to go.

irish molly

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yep, water takes a bit of getting used to. It's important to drink the 2-3 ltres to keep flushing toxins out. Also without food we are not getting the 60% water we get from it so we need to take in extra water. I'm afraid we just have to keep sipping.
I find it difficult when I'm busy & am a bit rubbish at keeping track when I'm out. But, it gets easier! If you force your way through eventually it'll become second nature. Also, in terms of being in the loo constantly, it does seem to regulate itself!

I have (gnats bladder syndrome) just made that up. sems like it though, always nipping to toilet having drank like a camel.
(Just browsing the posts for inspiration, just about to start the Lighterlife programme, end of month.)
lol kev, good luck with starting LL.

determined to drink lots 2day.

lost a stone at WI so must be doing ok with the water. aim is 2L 2day at least

x x
just finished my 1.2L bottle and its only 2pm, should be able to drink another 1 at least before bedtime so that will be 2.4L today, happier with that.

r u all drinking tap water? i cant stand it so mixing half tap water with half sugar free volvic. only way i can drink it.

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