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water water water

I have exactly the same problem! Who'd have thought drinking so much water could be so difficult ey :)
I'm trying to drink a pint every hour I defo won't do it so if I do 6 I'll be all done boss said he's gonna dock my wages if I keep peeing every ten mins :)
My boyfriend made me my shake today while I was getting ready for work! I usually look forward to my chocolate shakes but he made it with a pint of water! It didn't even taste like a shake just like more flippin water!!!
It's a bugger peeing all the time, I'm the same! I have to get out of bed at least 4 times before I can sleep.
I love the choccie shakes, they're by far my fav! Have you tried the soup by any chance? What I've started doing is buying a 2 litre bottle of water isntead of just one litre, the 2 litre bottle seems to be flying down.. then by the time works finished I only need to drink one more litre :D
I tried the vanilla and the soup and oh my days I nearly died on the soup it was rank vanilla was boring and I don't like peppermint tea or coffee so mixing it didn't work either now it's just 3 choc shakes with sweetner and that's it I'm happy! I like the choc shakes! I haven't tried strawberry but I'm not really into the sound of it! Stay away from the soup love it's pure depression it's as if someone left you the really watery old juice off their noodles :p
6 litre bottle haha, that must be HUGE! Imagine taking that to work in your bag haha.. I can just about manage with my 2 litre!!!!!
Yeah just gonna stick with my choc shakes.. the soup sounds absolutely gross!!!
It's not to bad for me cos I've always drank water anyway - but no where near as 3 litres! Just think of your skin.. perfection ;)
I know the pros of lt well outweigh the cons! I'm quite lucky as I've always had very clear skin it's a big ring of fat around my stomach that I'm not loving! I need to start excercising to tone up I tried to do push ups last night it nearly killed me! I am very good at excuses when it comes to excercising!!


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Hi Vanilly,

I drink my water from a 1 litre soda water bottle, try to get one done by 11 am, the other one done by 3.30pm then the remaining one by bed time, I drink the last one slower , so im not peeing all eve.

I must admit I found it harder last time,{last year} I think when the weather is warmer is def easier, and this time I seem to be really thirsty especially when I hit ketosis. so it does get easier :)
thats a good tip jen i tend to drink alot of water as im a chef and it gets very hot in the kitchen but im upping the dosage alot but i find when im at home im not as conscious of what i'm drinking last night it got to 1 am and i still had 2 litres! bold bold bold!

must drink moreeeeee
Yeah I have Vanilly, I'm really chuffed! Thanks hun :D How long have you been on LP?
Hey I'm not doing lipotrim but another vlcd. I get 2 2l water bottles and drink the first by 1pm and the second by 7pm. I chug loads at once as well so I don't need to keep constantly drinking xx

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I don't think I could chug 2 ltrs! My god I'd drown

Summer- I've was on lt last year and I'm back day five lost 22lbs last year in 5 wks and gained 5 since so not bad now I'm aiming to lose another 31 lbs
Am I the only one who loves the soup? I don't like the shakes so much, gave back the strawberry cos it's too sweet. I whizz the soup in a blender, it gets all creamy and tasty....mmmmmmmmm....soup.... :)

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Maintaing LT loss on GL
Initially I tried to guzzle down large glassfuls of water and found it quite hard. I then started filling a few 500 ml bottles from a water filter jug. I left a bottle everywhere ( desk, kitchen, bedside, sitting room,car). I kept sipping at the bottle throughout the day. This also settled down the toilet trips as the body has time to absorb what it needs. Don't forget the water in your tea and coffee also add to your total. Also try s sparkling water with ice for a refreshing change.
Drinking water will be a habit you should aim to carry on after TFR. It really helps with maintenance of your losses.

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