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From LipoTrim to Cambridg
Well done for getting through it so far.
There was a really good post about water yesterday. I shall see if I can find it for you.


From LipoTrim to Cambridg
Well theres this about water http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-forum/40628-why-drink-so-much-water-answers.html

But there was another thread about drinking too much water but I cant find it now.
Basically Mini contacted the lipotrim people and asked them, they said you shouldnt drink more than 4 litres a day, but then others said they drink 5 and 6 litres with no ill effects. I think the most important thing is not drinking a lot of water in 1 go.


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thanks so much i have been drinking about 4 litres a day (8 pints) i could manage more but dont no if im doing the right thing, i am peeing a lot.


From LipoTrim to Cambridg
yeah me too, but each day is a bit easier. I'm deffo drinking more than I did on day 1.
you soon get use to peeing constantly lol its normal now!


weighs a lot less
and all that going back and forth to the loo is great for toning your legs,well done on getting to day 4 will ,it really does get a lot easier from now on xx

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