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Water weight...??

Hey guys,

Since yesterday Ive made the switch from Sw to ww after being uncomfortable with the concept of 'free' food - I prefer ww's structure!!

Anyway reason im here is wanted your views. A lady on an alternate forum said to ignore my first few losses even if large as will be 'water weight'... Well, ordinarily, if I was first starting out i'd accept that - but ive been on plan - albeit a different one!?
So even though Ive stayed to plan and just changed how im managing my weight i'll go back to losing water to begin with??

Lol Im rambling now... Hope this makes sense?? :-s xxx
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Hiya she is right when we start a plan we usually in week one have water and fat lose , have you gone from sw to ww in one hit with no break?
Really you won't know if you'll lose as normal or more , what were your losses with sw? You could lose a little more as new foods or gain a little as it new foods or sts, your body doesn't realise it's week 1 week 2 it's a bigger picture so best see after 4 weeks what your losses are overall to get the real picture?
Well done for swapping n not stopping that's the best way no yoyoing , good luck :) xx
Made a perfect switch no break etc. Followed Sw sunday woke up monday and began WW :)
Just seems a bit crazy, hehe. Not bothered as long as the scales move but just found it fascinating!
Losses on SW were slow - too many carbs I think played the part in that, though unlimited fruit yoghurts etc. Thanks for your reply and well done on your losses :) xxxxx
Ahh that's ok , well done you, just be proud you did a positive changed and not gained, I bet you get s nice loss will be watching for you xx
That's a really interesting question!!!
Personally I'd of thought any loss you have this week, will be a 'genuine' loss. You've already lost the initial 'water weight' when you started slimming world. It'll be interesting to see what you lose the first few weeks!? I too struggled with 'free foods' on Slimming World... I felt it gave me carte blanche to overeat, and therefore had small losses.
Anyway Goodluck with Weight Watchers Hun, hope you have a great loss this week and weeks to come!!!!

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