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wats for dinner??


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Ive just had a 45 min break from work (back out until 1030pm) and have had a ham and mushroom omlette and a yoghurt - yummy and will keep me going the rest of the night!

Oh, im having an original day (I think lol!!)

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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Chicken breast stuffed with pesto and wrapped in smokey bacon and served with broccoli, carrots and swede! All nicely ready for me after my class xxx
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I'm having chicken breast (grilled) with cajun spices and a salad with bacon and fig.
Really, really looking forward to it!


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We are having roasted peppers stuffed with chilli con carne with a side portion of ainsley harriot cous cous.

So looking forward to it as its the first time I have ever made chilli :eek::D


Starting again!
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im just having a simple jacket pot with beans and salad tonight, OH is out and dont want to cook a big meal. in fact that reminds me, better put the oven on!!


I will be a Princess!
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I'm going to stuff a couple of chicken breasts with sliced babybel (HexA) and wrap them in bacon, then cook them :) Yum! Not sure how long to cook them for though, lol! xx


Now to maintain.....
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we are having the thai curry from the ee book......hubby cooking it as we speak,cant wait-had it once before and its yummy!!


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homemade Veg Korma... Aubergines, butternut squash, courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and broad beans with my own spices... cooked in a little stock and then a tub of 0% total greek yogurt to make it creamy, tastes good so far. So it's a 0% fat korma... yummy!

Wee Doll

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im going to make myself some champ and lots of brocolli, peas, swede and some gravy (2 syns)

i havnt syned all day :D


Just keep slimming....
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Gammon, poached egg and sw chips for us with a side salad x


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Im having SW chips, ham omlette and salad :)


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Im currently eating mushroom and turkey stroganoff with wild rice (well, chicken instead of turkey) from the comfort foods book....its amazing :) Def one of my faves!!


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We had a cooked lunch today so for tea we had Heb of 2 pieces of white nimble, laughing cow light as spread (1 1/2 syn), stuffed full of chopped chicken breast and salad. Plus apple, grapes and banana. Tbs low cal salad cream mixed with chicken (1 syn).

Was lovely and "normal" looking, if you know what I mean.

Had Ross cod in butter sauce (1 1/2 syns) over Batchelors rice with a ton of superfree veg for lunch.

I love SW EE! :)
I am on day 2 and just made up a recipe ( sooo unlike me !!!) . I cooked some pork under grill till just cooked through , fried some mushroom , pepper and courgette in fry light and a little water , chucked it all in a pot with some chopped toms and some herbs and its in the oven ... smells nice .. only the tasting will tell !!!!!

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