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ways to eat scan bran without gagging


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as a b choice you're allowed 28g porridge oats + 1 scan bran.

i broke it up into tiny pieces and cooked with the porridge and added a bit of sweetener - it was lovely :eat:. anyone know of any more ways we can get this down without eating it as it comes lol!!!
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I normally just have porridge. What's scan bran? Sounds like something out of the scat man song years ago!!! do you remember


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I have only ever had this in the normal way, and found it hard going....when I used to come home for lunch when I worked near home, I used to have to really rush to get it all down before I had to be back an hour later!!!!
Hi Girls - I've posted a recipe of Scotch Eggs - Free on red days using the dreaded scan bran!! Got this from class a few months ago - but havent tried making them yet - although a few ppl in the group said they had made them and they (apparently!) were really nice. And a good way of eating the scan bran without feeling like chewing cardboard!!
Syn-free Scotch eggs​

Free on red​

Shape sausage meat from Morrison’s Eat Smart Diet pork sausages around 1 hard-boiled egg, making sure that the egg is covered. Crush a Scan Bran with a rolling pin. Roll the covered egg in the crumbs until evenly coated. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180ºC for about 25 minutes. Use the Scan Bran as a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice for a Free snack on Original, or count ½ Syn per crisp-bread used.

ENJOY!!! Laura, xxx

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The scran bran cake is ok too, but I cant remember how to make it!! I agree, cardboard/ply wood!! Lol!
Mrs V

There are loads of scan bran cake recipes on the recipe thread, if you feel the desire to make one!!

Does anyone know how to copy the scotch egg recipe and paste it onto the recipes thread?? x
I think the moderator has to make it into a sticky... or copy or paste it over, they have special powers like that lol lol


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Mrs V

There are loads of scan bran cake recipes on the recipe thread, if you feel the desire to make one!!

Does anyone know how to copy the scotch egg recipe and paste it onto the recipes thread?? x
Copied it over to recipes for you.:D You just click left mouse button and keep your finger on it and drag mouse over what you want copying then take your finger off then on your keyboard press Ctrl and c at the same time then click where you want it going and press Ctrl and v at the same time. Hope I exlained that ok.:D
You could crush them up and put into a bowl of low fat natural yogurt but add sweetner as the yogurt tastes really bitter otherwise. Maybe im weird but I actually like the scanbrans as they are and I use as biscuits to dip into my tea or coffee.lol.

Leah :p


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I toast them to make it a little crispier, then maybe put some thin slices of cheese on top (from my HexA of course). I also use them in the recipes (i.e. cakes, etc) and it works really well in that context. But I agree, eating them straight out of the packet is like trying to eat turf!


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The scotch eggs & the cakes are lovely - I am going to try the scan bran cheese & onion burgers this week
Can you please let me know the recipe for the burgers hun. xxx Loobylou


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I only use them to make cakes - they look too much like cardboard for me to eat one on its own.
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I eat a piece of scan bran cake most days, I love it.
I also like scan bran with sliced banana on top.

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