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We are all winners becuase

Good morning everyone, if anyone would like to add anymore reasons as to why we are all winners feel free to do so. I for one would like to see more.

We are all winners because
1. We took the 1st step by making our minds up to do this diet
2. Getting through day 1 without to many hitches
3. Getting through week 1,2,3, etc without to many hitches
4. Some have not stumbled
5. Those who have stumbled along the way we have picked themselves up and started again
6. All have been inspirational and motivational
7. All have been very supportive towards each other no matter what

The only way to permanently fall is not to get up, we are all still here, are we not?
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short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
and because I am going to go and make cookies and bake with my little lady, and not feel one single amount of temptation. Just be able to enjoy the time with her.
Very right
anyone who can get through the first week on this diet is a winner
Because i managed to sit on my birthday and eat a bar while my family all ate chinese....nice of them but hey lol

Because i made cakes with my little boy yesterday and not so much as one drop of cake mixture was consumed lol

Because im posting on this forum.....means im here and still managing

Were all winners xxx


Rebel without a calorie
Because I can cook for my family and sit down to a shmousse
Because I'm successfully negotiating my way through add a meal week (mmm veggies)
Because I'm not going to be fat, sweatty and uncomfortable on holiday this year
Because I look really good today (I have to say it because none of you can see me lol)
Because my OH said my confidence has returned
Because I can spell 'because' unlike Mark in the thread header. Ha ha ha sorry luvvie!!


reaching my goal
we are all winners , even when we make bad choices its weather we learn from them and start again . Im on day 2 last nite was a little difficult but i got through it and im drinking more water than ever before and i quite like black coffee x


Rebel without a calorie
Oh well done! Sorry again, I'm covering someone's holiday as an Executive Assistant to 2 directors at the mo so I'm being very precise lol. I haven't worked as an EA for 2 years so need the practice :)

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
hehehe miss purr I was thinking of writing the same but decided I shouldn't as the ONLY reason I can spell it.. is I still say in my head....

Big Elephants Can Always Upset Small Elephants= BECAUSE...

I am not ashamed to admit that I am that dim hehehe

Woohooo for all us winners!!

And with this forum we might be losing the lbs (and good riddance to 'em!) but we're gaining friends to support us during and no doubt after our journey, whether that journey is trying to lose one stone or ten.

Lets face it - we all are fab just for being here and as Mark says, taking that 1st step! :party0019:


reaching my goal
yeah you right we are all winners , hi thentherewasme, how are you finding the exante ive just started too im on my 2nd day and finding ok so far but ive been told 3-4 will be trying x
Hi Rose,

Each day seems to get easier. Tomorrow is my first week weigh in and I'm tending to look at things in small steps. If I'm really hungry I console myself with the fact that add a meal week is never *that* far away LOL

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
ooohh good luck for tomorrow xxx hope those scales flash something sexy back..
Rose you are doing great.. day by day by day.. you can do this xx


is slowly shrinking
my day was gd, and i have honked. easy day and now i am here to avoid temptation, i have ordered another bumper pack, so must be determined. Rose and i are going halves, as we did ww together now we are doing this, so the compettion is on between us neighbours lol. i guess u had a good day again, and u and them bloody scales, but you are finding this diet a breeze and i take my hat off to ya.

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