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We need some life back here on 100% :)... yay loads of life on here now!

*throws possitive motivating vibes at you* :D how are you hun?? your sooooo close now!!! ive not been on here in days cos of work and preparing for my HOLIDAY/BIRTHDAY! im only a teenager for another 6 days :O
Hey Sunshine :) it has been quiet on here. You're sailing along with your journey - you'll be there before you know it!
I have WI tomorrow after my horrible week, but have been SS+ for the last 2 days and feeling happier!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Awwwww Kate you'll be 20!!!!! lucky you altho they do say the 30's are the new 20's lol hahahahahahha. Have a great birthday. Have you been sticking on plan all this time? xxx

Hi Watergirl,

Lol i am def not sailing hun. :) more stuck in the mud lol.How are you feeling today? Don't worry about your wi, even ask the CDC not to bother telling you your weight, stay on track all week and find out next week instead. xxx Hope you're ok lovely x


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I've noticed how quiet its been on here recently - maybe everyone's on holiday?

I've been struggling for a few weeks now, but glad to say I've been 100% for last 3 days long may it continue.
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I'm here and I am 100% for the first time in months!! WHOOPEEEEEE!

Doing great on the water front as well. Nearly done my 4.5l yay!!!


Mistress of the Dark
think it's guilt because i ate a kebab last night!!!

seriously though i am sure it is because i challenged myself to drink 4.5l of water today and that is keeping me busy and focussed.

plus i have set myself a challenge to fit into a skirt i dug out of my wardrobe at 2am and just had to measure...i'm crazy lol x


Mistress of the Dark
I've got it hanging up on the front of my wardrobe.

Oh and then there's my prom dress that I wore when I was 18...that must be a size 14 or something. Didn't quite make it into that before but I will this time!!! x
sunshine... no i have not been 100% but i have still lost every week which i dont know if that is a good thing or not! lol we havnt been too bad tbh still a hell of alot better than we used to be, sometimes we had 4 or more take aways in a week plus when we didnt it was usualy chips chips and more chips with everything, we are now trying to stick to ss/ss+ but some days we erm enhance the ss+ with other quorn options as i am really getting sick of the plain stuff, but we dont do that hugely often and it is still healthy eating soo.... and as i mentioned before we are off on holiday for 3 nights and we are going to be off plan for that as we never get to spend that much time together (we both live wth parents atm) and we wanna enjoy everything but tbh the thing i am most looking forward to is....SWIMMING in the SEA! which i havnt done since i was 14 :D i used to love swimming yayyyyyy sorry once i get going u cant shut me up..... what has been oging on with you recently hunni? io havnt been on here for ages xxxxx
hi im here, i have been good for 5 days got weighed and put a pound on think its the after effects of last weeks binge, just been and bought lots of water from tesco and tomorrow gonna drown myself in it lol wish me luck, stay on track everyone xx

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Gosh there is definetly something in the air!!! All that heat none of us could eat and now all this rain and we can't stop :) lol

Ah well lets all keep focused. It all averages out in the end and we're going in the right direction which is the main thing xxx
indeed :D sorry for the on/off posting im at work lol xxx
I was thinking that it was a bit slow on here

I am still going strong 9 weeks tomorrow for me i have had various weekends away, BBQ's and birthdays and managed to stay 100% through out.
That's impressive kerryberry!
The beginning is definitely easier on this diet. God it takes some work once you start feeling 'normal'!!!

Some of things that have helped me have been the clothes thing. I tried for ages to get into a certain 12 dress for a wedding this Sat. Got into it, so bought 2 more 12 dresses and two 12 playsuits - do any of them fit? Nah. So I think I got lucky with the first one and making it my goal to get into the others.

Mid way pics have helped too. Not quite where I want to be yet, so have to remind myself of that.

OMG just noticed the size of your waist sunshine! Very slim :) I think my thighs were probably that when I first started lol
Heh I was wondering where you'd got to! :D
hehehe im still here...watchinh you all mwahahaha.... also how do you get the weight chart and a ticker??? i couldnt get both to work hrmphh xxx

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