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Weather and our food choices

I don't know if anyone else does this, but when it gets cold or rainy outside, I like comfort foods. I like chili, and pot roast, and pork chops. I tend to use lower fat meats and ingredients, but it seems like when the weather's foul, I eat MORE as well. And I take the leftovers to work for lunch to save money...it's an endless cycle. In the nicer months, I crave fruit, and light sandwiches, and fresh veggies and generally healthy stuff.
What do you crave when the weather's bad?
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Back to the grindstone!!
I know what you mean. Now that the weather is getting worse and the nights are longer I am thinking of my normal cooking habits which include soup and stews and lots of warming, filling foods. In the summer it is salads made from ingredients from the garden and the like.
I guess it probably dates back to our ancestors.
I, too, am the same. It's like a caveman instinct to bulk up on food and body fat to see us through the winter - except that we forget about the wonders of central heating! The cold weather makes me want to have a full warm feeling in my stomach - and a chocolate milkshake just doesn't always hit the spot!
I've been struggling with this too - the food packs just don't cut it, do they? But at least we can make them hot!

The only help I've found is psychology. If I had a real fire I'd light it (huddling round a radiator just isn't the same!) I light lots of candles and turn the lights off, and that somehow makes me feel better. Maybe it will do the same for you...:gen125:
A hot drink certainly helps, but I always want soup when I'm cold! :) Thank goodness we are just about into summer here in Australia, but I do sympathise with you guys! ;)
Like I said, I didn't mean to. And I didn't realize what the diet was-I actually wouldn't have posted here at all except for this unintentional post, because I don't know anything about it and therefor have nothing to add to discussion. I'm sorry if I offended anyone-it wasn't my intention. My intention was to chat about weather and food choices, and I just posted it in the wrong place. I humbly request that everyone ignore this thread from now on.


Back to the grindstone!!
Dancing, I am with you on that last sentiment. The desire to lose the weight is winning over the desire to "slip". No matter what is written, what I read or what I smell, although that can be tough at times!!!

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