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Wed 12th Sept Hour by Hour!!!



finding my way again !
Morning all,
just got in from work & real tired, just got to get the girls off to school then its off to "bedfordshire" for me yawn yawn.
hope you all have a good day
xx :)
Morning :)

OMG, last night was such a struggle for me :confused:

I just wanted to eat something..anything.

I know I shouldn't have felt hungry, but I did. In fact I felt starving.
I ended up having an early night instead of eating.

Oh well, today is a new day,


Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Morning All,

Yep your right spooky it is going to be another good day.
I had my first WI yesterday as you may have seen from my most and lost 15lb, im really chuffed!
Tried Choc mint yesterday for the first time and i had it hot, it was rather nice, looking forward to trying the choc orange next week.
Hope the sun is shining wherever you are today everyone, have a great one xx

Just wanted to say that I love your new avatar pic - your hair looks fantastic and really shows the shape of your face.:D I've had the same old haircut for years (long, naturally curly) but haven't got the nerve to cut it all off (besides my dad would probably come to haunt me if I did:))

Hope everyone has a great day


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning folks.

Just have time to post before I go off ot work this morning. Having my 1st litre of the day. :tear_drop:

Love your new pic Spooky, hair looks fab. :)

Have a good day all and good luck with any weigh in's.

Sun is shining birds are singing, what more could we want :D Lovely day ahead.

Catch you all later.
Take care
Hi everyone, looking forward to another top day (really on a roll SS wise now) - although footie on TV tonight, and a littel drinkie is usually compulsary!

Had to force myself to have last pack last night, but I did and had about 5 litres, so that's all good.

No sunshine here though this morning. There's a greyish mist but it's very warm. Ah well, won't let it spoil my mood!

Good luck for those with weigh ins xxx
Sarahm wow thats a great loss.

Stepping up the water today, did rubbish with it yesterday, so 1 litre already down.
Wi today but have it this afternoon instead of first thing this morning, hope it works out ok.

Have a great day everyone x x
Morning all,

Its my birthday today. Have had loads of lovely pressies of hubby and kids and am going for lunch with my best friend and sister today. Will stick to water but may have a chicken salad or something similar.

Sorted through wardrobe and boxes of old clothes yesterday and found some lovely things which i forgot I had! So am wearing a lovely pink wrap jumper and grey trousers (both size 16) that I havent been able to get into for 7 or 8 years - and get this - the trousers are too big on the waist!!

Im going to buy a cross trainer off my friend to use at home as I cant seem to get motivated to go to the gym. My thighs and arms are starting to look a bit flabby so I thought the cross trainer would be the perfect way to target both.

Have a good day everyone
Good morning,

Happy Birthday Sam have a fab day, and its great when we can get in stuff that we havent worn for years isnt it so well done sam :).

Good luck for weigh ins today.

I am feeling abit poo today, the cap on my tooth that has been a little loose for a few days finally fell out last night while i was eating my tea:eek: think i might have an infection on that tooth now so have to phone the dentist as soon as they open:eek: hate dentists:eek:

only had 3 n a bit ltrs:tear_drop: yesterday,i so need to try harder with the :tear_drop: as i was haveing 4-5 ltrs untill about 2 wks ago
Morning everyone and Happy Birthday Sam!

Well its a lovely sunny morning here but there is diffinately a nip in the air! I love this time of year.

Had a 790 day yesterday. I must say although I drink a lot of black tea I love a cuppa with a splash of milk. It's almost like having an extra pack as i find it so satisfying.

Good luck to all of those who have a weigh in today.

Catch you later

Many happy returns Sam! Just noticed that we have nearly identical tickers..in terms of what we're trying to lose. Well done with your weight loss so far!
Morning all....

Wishing you all a successful day of CD'ing... Feeling quite chirpy today, don't know why because I've got to do a stocktake today of windows...!! WHAT JOY..!!

:princess: Happy Birthday SAM - have a really wonderful day. You've worked so hard over the last few months you deserve to be spoilt today...!

I've had my breakfast Tetra this morning and one black coffee - just starting on my first jug of water..!

Hope you all have a good day - sun's out here so maybe that's why I'm so chirpy..!!

H x
Morning all.

Happy Birthday Sam! :party0011:

Hope everyone has a good CD day. I'm not even started on the water yet, better get glugging. Aiming for 4 litres today, I only managed 3 yesterday.

Good luck to those with weigh ins today

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