ProPoints Wedding and Bikini Body Diary - 7lbs to target!

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  1. Target_Rose

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    Ive joined weight watchers online to shift the last 7lbs! I've lost 2 and a half stone on slimming world but felt like I needed a change. I'll be logging my daily pro points here, still getting the hang of it so if I'm going wrong anywhere let me know please :)

    Today's food will be posted shortly.

    Rose x
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  3. Target_Rose

    Target_Rose Full Member

    Tuesday 27th May

    Semi skimmed milk (150ml) 2pp
    2 x Chocolate Weetabix 4pp

    2 x Slices WW Danish White 3pp
    Salad 0pp
    5g English Mustard 0pp
    30g Reduced cheddar 2pp
    Skips 2pp

    Waffle 4pp
    fish fingers 3pp
    beans 1pp
    Ketchup 0pp

    strawberries 0pp
    1tbsp single cream 1pp
    banana 0pp
    jamaica cake 3pp
    squirty cream 1pp

    Daily pro points used

    Weekly pro points used
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  4. Target_Rose

    Target_Rose Full Member

    Wednesday 28th May

    oats so simple golden syrup 4pp
    180mls semi skimmed milk 2pp

    tomatoe soup 3pp
    2 x WW Danish 3pp

    strawberries 0pp
    grapes 0pp
    cream 1pp

    daily pro points used

    weekly propoints used
  5. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Hey :) Welcome to WW, well done on your SW Loss! Any ideas on your Dinner for tonight? X

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